Japan Bundle Takashimaya Deeply Sorry Over Lawsuits Of Collapsed Christmas Desserts

Many patrons expressed sadness on the destroyed muffins


In prim and right kind Japan, all it took to urged a prestigious section collect chain into an earnest, society apology within the aftermath of Christmas have been lawsuits over mangled $40 muffins.

“Cake collapse” has ruled headlines for days in Japan later irate customers took to social media over the weekend to publish footage of crumbled Christmas muffins dropped at their doorsteps. 

Bought on-line by way of main chain Takashimaya, the strawberry-topped muffins — supposed to be immaculately adorned — arrived to a few consumers miserably flattened and fragmented, photographs on social media confirmed. 

Out of the just about 3,000 frozen muffins bought, greater than 800 have been showed to had been marred as of Tuesday evening, Takashimaya mentioned in a remark on Wednesday. 

“We would like to apologise deeply for the deformation in our frozen Christmas cakes that betrayed the expectations of many of our customers,” Takashimaya senior legit Kazuhisa Yokoyama instructed a nationally televised information convention. 

The company mentioned consumers could also be reimbursed for the muffins, priced at 5,400 yen a work, relying on supply statuses. 

The debacle left Takashimaya officers setting up an exhaustive probe into its manufacturing and supply companions. 

Takashimaya despite the fact that “couldn’t identify a cause”, Yokoyama instructed newshounds, claiming temperature control was once no longer the problem. 

Nonetheless, “we, as the seller, are responsible for delivering our products to the hands of our customers, including from production to distribution”, Takashimaya mentioned within the remark. 

“The entire responsibility rests on us.” 

Many patrons expressed sadness on-line over the destroyed muffins.

One consumer of social media platform X posted two days prior to Christmas about their dismay, along pictures of a mushed confection.

“I ordered a Christmas cake online for the first time, but when it arrived, it was completely messed up. I thought I could trust Takashimaya, but is this something that often happens with a cake delivery? I don’t know,” they posted.

Any other shared a picture of a extra intact cake, however voiced matching dissatisfaction.

“Takashimaya’s cake was delivered to me like this. I’m sad,” the X consumer wrote.

However others attempted their highest to accumulation their Christmas spirits up.

One X consumer described the creativity with which their good friend had let a three-year-old son embellish the cake “as he likes” to secure up the mess. 

With chocolate unfold everywhere, “the result was funnier than when it had arrived… it’s now full of children’s dreams”, mentioned the X publish, which garnered greater than 16 million perspectives.

(With the exception of for the headline, this tale has no longer been edited by way of NDTV body of workers and is printed from a syndicated feed.)


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