Johnny Depp will play Satan in new film

Johnny Depp will play Satan in a new film by director Terry Gilliam. The confirmation was given by him, in statements to the French magazine “Premiere†.

The film, which in English is titled “The Carnival at the End of Days†, will also feature Jeff Bridges in the role of God. The cast also includes Adam Driver and Jason Momoa.

According to the director, who was once part of Monty Python, “The Carnival at the End of Days†is “a comedy where God decides to destroy Humanity. And the only one trying to save us is Satan, because he needs to have people in hell or he’ll be out of work,” he explained, guaranteeing that the film “will be very funny for those who like to be offended”.

Filming begins in January 2025. It will be the third time that Depp and Gilliam work together, after “Rave in Las Vegas†(1998) and “Parnassus – The Man Who Wanted to Deceive the Devil†(2009) .

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