King Charles Jokes About His Sausage Fingers With Prince William In New BBC Documentary

On May 6, King Charles became the 40th British monarch to be crowned at Westminster Abbey.

A recent documentary about the royal family shows King Charles making a casual reference to his well-known “sausage fingers.” In the upcoming behind-the-scenes BBC documentary, ‘Charles III: The Coronation Year’, Prince William is seen rehearsing for the event by using his hands to close a small clasp holding a robe around his father. In the footage, the Prince of Wales jokingly said, “On the day, that’s not going to go in.” To which, King Charles replied, “No, you haven’t got sausage fingers like mine.”

However, this is not the first time that King Charles has discussed his fingers. According to the Independent, after Prince William was born, King Charles supposedly wrote to a friend and said, “I can’t tell you how excited and proud I am. He really does look surprisingly appetising and has sausage fingers just like mine.”

When he was the Prince of Wales, King Charles would occasionally make fun of his fingers, which he called “sausage fingers”. Whenever they are featured prominently in a photo, they spark a lot of attention on the internet.

The documentary takes viewers behind the scenes as everything is put together for the big day, including the removal of the royal jewels, the work of the Royal School of Needlework, and the arrival of the anointing oil used by the King and Queen from the Holy Land. It will air on BBC One and iPlayer on December 26 at 18:50 GMT. 

On May 6, King Charles became the 40th British monarch to be crowned at Westminster Abbey in London. Around 2,300 guests, including foreign leaders and global royalty, attended the event, which was the religious confirmation of Charles’s accession following the death of Queen Elizabeth II in September 2022.

“I come not to be served, but to serve,” King Charles said in his first prayer after reaching the Abbey. “We are here to crown a King, and we crown a King to serve,” the Archbishop opened his sermon with.”The King of Kings, Jesus Christ, was anointed not to be served, but to serve. He creates the unchangeable law that with the privilege of power comes the duty to serve,” he added.

Prince William also pledged loyalty to King Charles. Prince Harry, on the other hand, arrived from the United States on a commercial flight, and was seen entering the church with his cousins Princess Eugenie and Princess Beatrice.  

The coronation was the first since 1953 and the first of a king since 1937. It was only the second to be televised and the first in colour and streamed online. 


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