Miguel Pinheiro: “Today it doesn’t matter what is in the CC, only what the person identifies with; Bugalho thinks he’s a sexagenarian with a pipe”

After a week of media coverage of the European election campaign and another of interviews and debates for radio and television, we reached the aftermath of the elections with André Ventura accusing journalists of being “enemies of the people” and, the same, to be jeered at the AD Conference. When will these professionals start asking for risk subsidies like the PSP? “Journalists are used to being hated, by any government, by any party. Ricardo is loved and we are hated, do you understand the difference?”, responds Ana Sá Lopes from Público, one of the guests of this Isto é Enjoy with Who Works. Listen to the analysis of the aftermath of the European Championships with those who really know how to analyze: journalists. The program was broadcast on June 10th and also features Miguel Pinheiro, from Observador.

“Normally, the people we talk about have real jobs, unlike us. They are ministers, businessmen, bankers… Basically, what we do is make fun of those we work with†RAP Listen to more episodes:


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