Participation on the rise: almost 90% of voters who registered for early voting in the European elections voted

The number of voters who voted in advance for the European elections stood at 225,039, corresponding to 89% of the 252,209 registered, according to the same source.

The data was transmitted by the 308 municipal councils and concerns voters on the mainland and on the islands, according to MAI.

To vote on mobility for European women, 252,209 voters registered, an increase of 20% compared to the 208,007 who opted for early voting in the legislative elections on March 10th.

The President of the Republic, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, and the Prime Minister, Luís Montenegro, were two of the voters who voted in advance for the European elections, for which more than 10.8 million Portuguese people are called to vote , who will choose 21 of the 720 MEPs.

Last Sunday, anyone who had registered by May 30th could vote in the municipality they chose when requesting early voting.

Anyone who has not yet voted can vote at any polling station – in Portugal or abroad

Those who signed up to participate in early voting but were unable to do so will still be able to exercise their civic rights on election day, June 9th, and can vote at any polling station in Portugal or abroad.

In Portugal, 17 parties and coalitions compete in the European elections: AD, PS, Chega, IL, BE, CDU, Livre, PAN, ADN, MAS, Ergue-te, Nova Direita, Volt Portugal, RIR, We Citizens, MPT and PTP.

The modality of early voting on mobility was established with the entry into force of Organic Law No. 3/2018, on the occasion of the election of Portuguese deputies to the European Parliament in 2019.


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