Pedro Fidalgo Marques (PAN): “We don’t want to prohibit anyone from eating anything, but it is necessary to reduce meat consumption”

They want to be a “voice for women, LGTI rights, people and animals†without forgetting “environmental protection†. In 2019 they even elected a MEP, but lost him a year later due to “political differences” with the previous leadership.

Four years later, the PAN wants to continue taking its “ecocentric†perspective to Strasbourg, after having maintained its representation in the Assembly of the Republic and Madeira. But with more parties competing for the same seats and when the environment has become a flag for almost everyone, it is the PAN that seems to be on the verge of extinction in this election in which Pedro Fidalgo Marques is the protagonist. .

The PAN defends the creation of a new commissioner for animal welfare. Why should this be a priority?

PAN has an integrated vision of the way of being in the world and of politics, an ecocentric vision, which essentially guarantees that there is this balance between people, animals and nature. And one thing does not forget the other. When we talk, for example, about animal welfare, we talk about harmonizing the VAT directive to allow lower VAT on feed and medical and veterinary care. This is something that will also support millions of families across Europe and in Portugal too. We want to end the transport of live animals. Of course, it is also a measure of animal welfare. These animals, due to the conditions they suffer, often arrive at their destination sick, which puts people’s health and food security at risk.

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