PJ Harvey at Primavera Sound Porto: the alternative goddess of yesterday knows how to claim the respect she deserves today

Consulting lineups of recent concerts, we knew in advance that the show brought by PJ Harvey to Primavera Sound Porto would be served at two speeds, falling more or less halfway across the line that separates punk-rocker from the past of the 90s from contemplation. ions from the most recent report. A year after “I Inside the Old Year Dying†saw the light of day, the British artist returned to the stage of the Porto festival with nothing to prove but a lot to show, navigating in a well-planned way through a richly textured songbook. The detachment related to an era that was closed way back is well hidden when we throw ourselves into the fierce feminism of ‘Man-Size’ or ‘Dress’, songs already served in the final stretch, but the enigmatic, sometimes practically impenetrable verses of ‘Prayer at the Gate’ or ‘A Child’s Question, August’, with eternal partner John Parish there at the side sneaking They set up a head-to-head start.

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