Primavera Sound Porto: we saw the concert where Taylor Swift’s friendship bracelets went to die

Were it not for the desolately cloudy sky in the place where Porto becomes Matosinhos (and vice versa) and we would see twilight colors on the horizon. In other years, around here we saw indie rock from other times, gray hair from today’s times, Dinosaur Jr. comes to mind. Initially, the extensive stage where Primavera Sound Porto’s biggest concerts took place until 2023 seemed too big for a late-afternoon band, not completely unknown (In 2023, he attended the Meo Kalorama festival, in Lisbon), but indistinct enough to encourage pilgrimage. About an hour later, many people will be able to tell who Amyl and the Sniffers are, Australian punk-rockers who gave a concert ‘one of the books’, the kind where you learn to change your creed. Next to whoever writes these lines, three teenagers wearing Taylor Swift’s friendship bracelets seemed to discover, 15 days after a more than likely visit to Estádio da Luz, that desires, like times, have the virtue of changing.

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Francesco Giganti

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