Public Enemy: Sérgio Conceição’s last words at FC Porto were, ‘You too, Bruno?’

Sérgio Conceição is no longer the coach of FC Porto, having been, according to his own words, attracted by Vítor Bruno, who had followed him for more than a decade. Sérgio Conceição arrived at the decisive meeting with André Villas-Boas and was attacked with several stab wounds in the back, the last and most painful being from his football godson, to which he said, â “You too, Bruno?†and terminated the contract. It should be noted that, according to historical sources, Sérgio Conceição was warned, on the Ides of March, that the new blue-and-white president, elected on the Ides of April, intended to give him a psychological whiplash and put an end to the triumvirate formed by consuls Pinto da Costa, Sérgio Conceição and Adelino Caldeira. VE


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