Scottish Youngster Seizure-Detached Later Groundbreaking Surgical treatment That Got rid of Section Of His Mind

Ten weeks then the surgical procedure, {the teenager} has no longer had a unmarried episode, in step with his mom.

A Scottish youngster with epilepsy is now seizure-free, because of a life-changing laser mind surgical procedure, the Pristine York Submit reported. Particularly, 17-year-old Angus Bain persevered epileptic suits at least one time a date forthe future 13 years. On the other hand, the teenager lately underwent a groundbreaking surgical procedure that gets rid of the mind tissue that reasons seizures. Ten weeks then the surgical procedure, {the teenager} has no longer had a unmarried episode, in step with his mom.

“I’ve never had such a long period not having a seizure, it’s an amazing relief. I’m so happy. Christmas is a big occasion and now it will be even bigger this year. Being able to have this surgery is amazing. I think it could change my life forever by making me able to do the things I haven’t been able to do,” Mr Bain told BBC Scotland News.

The surgery was conducted at the Edinburgh Children’s Hospital in October. The innovative laser technology known as MRI-guided Laser Interstitial Thermal Therapy (LITT)  is minimally invasive and the surgery takes just under two hours with a relatively short recovery time.

During the procedure, a piece of his brain that caused the attacks was removed by laser.

”The laser surgery is a fantastic development for specific patients and will give some with epilepsy a real chance to live a normal life. The surgery has been life-changing not just for Angus, but for the entire family,” Dr. Jothy Kandasamy, consultant neurosurgeon at the Royal Hospital for Children and Young People said. 

The teenager who lives in Gateside, Fife, was diagnosed with epilepsy when he was four years old. Since then he has been on lots of heavy medication, tests, and scans.

His mother Nicki Bain, 48, said: “Our lives had been ate up with Angus’s epilepsy since he used to be 4. He has been on a whole lot of very large fix, had wires in his head, mind stimulation, and such a lot of checks and scans. The build-up to him having a seizure would utmost a couple of days, next then the seizure it could pluck every other couple of days for him to get better, so I don’t suppose he’s ever in fact had a regular month.

The teenager mentioned he hopes to 1 month get his motive force’s license, play games rugby, or travel snowboarding, issues that have been too dangerous for him to do pre-surgery.


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