Team stars call for participation in the European Championships: “It’s a positive, consensual and peaceful message”

The institutional campaign is from the General Secretariat of the Ministry of Internal Administration and was shared on the official social media accounts of both the Ministry of Internal Administration and the Government. In it, several footballers from the National Team — Diogo Jota, João Neves and António Silva, from the men’s team; Jéssica Silva, Ana Borges and Dolores Silva, from the women’s team – appear to appeal for voting in this Sunday’s European elections.

Specialist in political communication, José Pedro Mozos tells Expresso that the campaign is important to “make people aware of the importance of voting, especially in times of uncertainty and misinformation. “o†, even though he says he doesn’t believe that “has the power to convert an abstentionist into a convinced voter†.

The director of Public Affairs at ALL Comunicação considers the call to vote “a positive, consensual and peaceful message†, which will not place footballers on any “political side†, but rather the puts it “on the side of democracy and an appeal to constitutional law and civic duty†.

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