“Total imbecility” – Luís Pedro Nunes condemns ‘guerrilla warfare’ between Brazilians and Portuguese after meteor strike

Already with Carla Quevedo back, this week’s Irritations focuses on several topics, including Artificial Intelligence and the case Scarlett Johansson vs. Sam Altman is the topic of discussion chosen by the commentator. Luis Pedro Nunes is perplexed by how the theme of the meteor’s passage through the skies of Portugal motivated ‘hot wars’ between Brazilians and Portuguese, in the comment boxes on social networks: “A level of total imbecility that drives me crazy“, assume. Luana do Bem points out the ‘mornings’ that exist on platforms such as ‘Booking’ and derivatives, with José de Pina to update several of your most recurring topics. Moderated by Pedro Boucherie Mendes, Irritações was broadcast on May 24th, on SIC Radical, and ended with the theme ‘Une Autre Attente’ by Laetitia Sadier.


A program with a lot of controversy, some humor and a lot of irony. José de Pina, LuÃs Pedro Nunes, Carla Quevedo and Luana do Bem debate in the studio with Pedro Boucherie Mendes about what irritates them in general and in particular. Listen to more episodes:


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