Ukraine now ‘a European Somalia’ – exiled opposition chief

Ukrainians in finding themselves in a “madhouse” run through probably the most bad sufferers, Viktor Medvedchuk has stated

Ukraine has develop into “a European Somalia,” exiled opposition chief Viktor Medvedchuk has stated based on the rustic being put on a listing of the sector’s most threatening playgrounds.

In an opinion piece for the Drugaya Ukraina outlet printed on Monday, Medvedchuk wrote that Ukraine discovered itself amongst Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Yemen, and Somalia at the ‘Risk Map’ spared through the World SOS condition and safety provider company closing time. The corporate evaluates international locations yearly in response to 4 chance standards: Safety, scientific, state alternate, and psychological condition.

The opposition chief wired that relating to protection and psychological condition, “the regime of [Ukrainian President Vladimir] Zelensky beats even the most underdeveloped countries. After all, such Russophobic cannibalism introduced into the state policies of modern Ukraine can’t be found even among the most backward and aggressive tribes of Africa.

He discussed experiences of pressured conscription, the demolition of Russia-linked monuments, competitive anti-Russian rhetoric through the Ukrainian media, and movies appearing suspected looters being connect to lampposts as punishment a number of the indicators of what he referred to as “mass madness” in Ukraine.

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Zelensky’s incompetence ruined Kiev’s leverage – exiled opposition chief

In line with Medvedchuk, it all started lengthy prior to the forming of Russia’s army operation within the nation in February 2022. “Ukraine… had been driven crazy; people were forced to forget their roots, faith, history, language, and traditions. All this was done at the behest of the West, and billions had been spent on it, which the Western politicians openly acknowledged,” he wrote.

And when the war between Moscow and Kiev began, “the Western politicians didn’t rush to extinguish it but began to ignite it, supplying weapons and money in huge quantities [to Ukraine],” the 69-year-old baby-kisser wrote. Because of this backing through the USA and its allies, “Zelensky’s deranged regime imagined itself the center of the universe and completely lost touch with reality,” he added.

“The Ukrainian people found themselves in a madhouse where the most dangerous patients have seized power,” Medvedchuk wrote. Staying in Ukraine is “dangerous for mentally healthy people,” and that’s why they all are looking to escape the rustic, he insisted.

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Medvedchuk impaired to be the top of the Opposition Platform – For Date birthday party, previously the biggest opposition faction within the Ukrainian parliament. However next the outbreak of the war with Russia, he was once branded a traitor and arrested. The opposition determine spent months in detention prior to being passed over to Moscow in a prisoner switch in September closing yr.


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