US Influencer Fatally Shot In Entrance Of Her 8-Month-Used Kid Via Husband

The police are investigating the deaths as a murder-suicide

A tragedy opened up as Theresa Cachuela, a 33-year-old Hawaiian social media influencer and good looks entrepreneur, was once fatally shot within the head by means of her estranged husband, Jason Cachuela, 44. The incident befell in entrance of her daughter within the parking bundle of Pearlridge Middle on Friday morning. Government are investigating the pathetic incident as a murder-suicide, the Honolulu Megastar-Advertiser reported. Mrs Theresa, a mom of 3 and the landlord of Area of Glam Hawaii LLC in Waipahu misplaced her date on this deeply distressing tournament.

In keeping with KITV, her 8-year-old daughter witnessed the capturing and informed the police that her father pulled the cause. Jason Cachuela shot himself in a while later getaway the scene in a gray Mazda. 

The police are investigating the deaths as a murder-suicide, which befell two weeks later a pass judgement on granted Mrs Cacheula’s petition for an sequence of coverage towards her estranged husband, the Brandnew York Instances reported. 

“This was not a random act, as the victim and suspect were involved in a relationship,” police Lt. Deena Thoemmes mentioned Friday earlier than the gunman was once discovered useless, in keeping with the Hawaii Tribune.

“We do know that there was a TRO that was served on him, which is why this case was classified as murder in the first degree,” she mentioned, regarding a brief restraining sequence.

Police recovered 5 registered firearms from the quality of Jason Cachuela. 

“Her youngest daughter is the one that tragically saw everything,” Cachuela’s mom, Lucita Ani-Nihoa, informed Hawaii Information Now. “She’s traumatized. She has so much faith, this little girl. She just … started praying.”

She added: “She doesn’t believe it. She doesn’t believe her mom is gone. I don’t believe it.”

As according to the petition for the TRO, Jason Cachuela threatened to explode himself in entrance of her. 

“He then took me alone to Waikiki and held a knife to his neck traumatizing me and scaring me,” she wrote, in keeping with the Hawaii Tribune. “The next morning he showed up to my house early in the morning to apologize. I tried to help him and talk to him but he kept threatening to kill himself again.”

Mrs Cachuela’s mom described the catastrophic capturing on a GoFundMe web page. She mentioned her daughter deliberate to have breakfast together with her Friday morning.

“I wanted to give her and my grandkids their Christmas gifts,” Ani-Nihoa wrote. “My daughter did not deserve this. She was trying so hard to get help, but the Justice system failed her,” she wrote.


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