Ventura threatens to paralyze the Government’s decisions on immigration. Tangier says he helped “Costa’s family”

In Chega’s campaign, there is no day without a “Tangier moment†. This Monday, on a fundamental political occasion for the party – because André Ventura guaranteed that the Government’s immigration package “will have no chance of passing the Assembly of the Republic†– the ambassador and head of the list opened the morning’s agenda with new controversial statements, recognizing the possibility of letting the State Budget of the Democratic Alliance pass, and of supporting António Costa to the European Council – because it helped him “a lot†and his family in Goa, “when he was still nobody†.

The noise in the message did not prevent André Ventura, however, from contradicting the announcement of 41 measures by the Prime Minister, Luís Montenegro, to regulate immigration, in a risky move that he will have to know how to sell good to his electorate.

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