“Visits to the Newsroom”. Come and see us closing the edition of Expresso on Thursday

The “Visits to the Newsroom†, a meeting where subscribers can get to know the space where, every day, the your newspaper, will take place on Thursday.

On this guided tour will have the possibility of meet the espaço where, every day, we report on the news that reaches your hands (or your screen), and also to equip that makes everything happen, among journalists, page designers and photographers.

Confirm your presence now (sending an email here) and guarantee your place on this visit that will take place on June 6th at 12:00not Edificio Impresa em Paço de Arcos.


They are part of the Express Club, whose initiatives all point to bringing the newspaper closer to its subscribers. At the Club there are new newsletters, comments on the news, visits to the newsroom and virtual conversations on current topics. But, because we know that conversations are not enough if they are only virtual, Expresso decided to create “Visits to the Newsroom†, so that all subscribers can come get to know the space where, every day, we report on the news that reaches your hands (or your screen). So they can get to know the space and, of course, also the team.

Consequently, biweekly We will open the doors of the Expresso for a guided tour, which will always end with a conversation too. The dates will always be announced on the Club’s page and on the main page of the Expresso website, but also regularly via newsletter. Come and meet us.


Francesco Giganti

Journalist, social media, blogger and pop culture obsessive in newshubpro

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