Von der Leyen open to pacts that ensure her re-election

The European People’s Party (EPP) candidate for the presidency of the European Commission said this Monday be “with the door open” for pacts that achieve your re-electionafter making a appeal on Sunday to socialists and liberals.

“I am talking to those with whom I have worked for a long time and with whom I have a good understanding”, said Ursula von der Leyen, acting president of the community executive and re-candidate for the political group that won the elections for the European Parliament (EP).

At a press conference for the CDU (Christian Democrats), a party of which von der Leyen is a member, in Berlin (Germany), the PPE candidate said that the door would be “open” to possible demands or pacts, as the socialist candidate, Nicolas Schmit, has already hinted.

And he remembered that the process will be carried out by groups represented in the European Parliament and not by individual partiestherefore refusing to comment on specific political forces, namely the far-right parties that have grown throughout the European Union.

Ursula von ver Leyen was specifically questioned by the Brothers of Italy, the radical right-wing party of the Italian Prime Minister, Georgia Meloni, who won in that country and a relationship in which the President of the Commission he has refused to outline red lines as it did for other types of political forces.


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