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KYIV — The latter life Valentyna Tkachenko, a 35-year-old mom of 2 from Chernihiv in northern Ukraine, noticed her husband Serhii was once simply earlier than Russia invaded her nation.

Serhii, a Nationwide Preserve soldier, was once captured on February 24 of latter yr, the while Moscow introduced its all-out invasion of Ukraine. His unit was once guarding the Chernobyl nuclear energy plant when it was once attacked by way of the Russians. When the Russian army retreated from Chernobyl and the extra of the Kyiv area on the finish of March, they took Serhii and 167 alternative POWs with them.

Since upcoming, the better halves of the captured infantrymen have most effective heard from them as soon as — a scale down handwritten be aware: “I am alive, everything is OK,” despatched greater than six months upcoming they have been taken prisoner.

Like hundreds of alternative relations of Ukrainian POWs, Tkachenko has contacted Ukrainian government and the World Committee of Crimson Move (ICRC) and had written 4 letters, however heard not anything again till November 29. That’s the while she were given a video name at the Viber messaging app.

“It was Serhii. We talked only for three minutes. I was not allowed to ask him questions. As soon as I tried, he shook his head and just said no. Instead, he kept saying: ‘Valya, go make things hard for Kyiv. Kyiv does not want to take us back,’” Tkachenko recalled. “Then he said he was sorry and ended the call, promising to call me back if he ever has a chance.”

Tkachenko didn’t exit off to show towards the federal government, even if folk protests have taken playground in Kyiv and alternative Ukrainian towns.

Petro Yatsenko, spokesperson for Ukraine’s coordinating personnel at the remedy of prisoners of conflict, instructed POLITICO that alternative households have gained alike screams from infantrymen being held by way of the Russians.

“A person has not heard from a relative for more than a year, and here he calls and says that he is alive. Russians are ready to exchange him, but Ukraine does nothing. Recently these calls became massive. So, we understood that this is a campaign to cause distrust in the government,” Yatsenko mentioned.

It’s a stark trade in coverage from the primary yr of the conflict, when the 2 aspects frequently exchanged prisoners. In all, 2,598 nation have returned from Russian captivity all over 48 swaps, in keeping with the Ukrainian army. Then again, the latter primary change was once on August 7.

“It has actually bogged down because of causes from the Russian Federation, however there are very explicit causes for this,” Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy instructed a information convention in Kyiv this era.

Taking part in politics with POWs

The Russian refusal to switch POWs seems aimed toward inflaming tensions in Ukrainian people, the place dissatisfaction with Zelenskyy is emerging within the wake of this yr’s disappointing counteroffensive, and the temper is popping grim as an important backup for Ukraine stalls within the U.S. Senate and Hungary blocks the EU’s efforts to spice up civilian and armed forces aid for Kyiv.

Tkachenko thinks her folk, in addition to alternative prisoners of conflict, have transform gear in a political recreation.

Anastasiia Bugera along with her boyfriend Kostyantyn Ivanov | Anastasiia Bugera for POLITICO

“They started so well, exchanging so many. But then suddenly it all stopped. I think Russians want to discredit our government. People are exhausted, and POWs’ relatives are losing their temper. They want to cause havoc,” Tkachenko mentioned bitterly.

A massive choice of the Ukrainian POWs have been captured following the bloody siege of Mariupol, a coastal town the place Ukrainian troops held out for 3 months of ferocious assaults earlier than surrendering the Azovstal Iron and Metal Works in Would possibly 2022.

Anastasiia Bugera, 22, from the Kharkiv area in japanese Ukraine, has no longer spoken to her boyfriend, 24-year-old Kostyantyn Ivanov, since March 2022. She was once in Russian-occupied Izyum when Ivanov was once ordered to give up along a number of thousand alternative Azovstal defenders.

“I managed to call his mother from our neighbor’s outdoor toilet one day. She told me he was trying to call me and failed. I cried so hard standing in that toilet,” Bugera mentioned. The bathroom was once the one playground she may get a connection because the Russians have been seeking to cancel cell indicators. Izyum was once liberated by way of the Ukrainians in September 2022.

“We’ve no longer had the chance to even say hi to every alternative. They have been promised to be in captivity just for 3 to 4 months. However Russia lied,” Bugera mentioned.

Ukraine has controlled to switch only some bundle Azovstal defenders, together with the commanders of the Azov Regiment, however hundreds of habitual troops, police and border guards captured in Mariupol are nonetheless being held. Consistent with the Azovstal households’ affiliation, Russia does no longer wish to change them. In lieu, households on occasion see them on movies from Russian courts, malnourished, exhausted, and on trial accused of conflict crimes. Russia continues to cancel any direct verbal exchange with them.

Year in jail

As of nowadays, Russia holds greater than 3,000 Ukrainian infantrymen and a few 28,000 civilians, the Ukrainian ombudsman’s administrative center and reintegration ministry mentioned. Then again, the true quantity is also even upper.

“For example, some of those who are in captivity have not been confirmed yet. Those people are still considered ‘missing’ although we have information they might be in captivity,” Yatsenko mentioned.

The Ukrainians have no longer mentioned what number of Russians they retain, however they have got such a lot of that they’re development a 2nd POW camp to retain them. Russians also are being held in a different facility in western Ukraine and housed in cells in pretrial detention facilities.

“I would say during the counteroffensive Ukraine managed to increase the POWs exchange fund that was already big because of the stalled exchanges,” Yatsenko mentioned. “But we are ready to accommodate all Russian troops fighting in Ukraine, in case they decide to surrender.”

Ukraine says it’s treating its POWs in keeping with global regulations, however accuses Russia of mistreating its prisoners.

“More than 90 percent of prisoners of war whom we interview after their return say that they were subjected to torture, deprivation of sufficient nutrition and sleep,” Yatsenko mentioned. “People are being forced to burn out tattoos or to consume only Russian propaganda. They are not allowed to communicate with relatives.”

A photograph Kostyantyn Ivanov despatched to his relations from Mariupol, the place he was once preventing towards overwhelming Russian forces along side hundreds of alternative Azovstal Metal Mill defenders | Anastasiia Bugera for POLITICO

Russia insists it’s treating its POWs smartly.

Russian Commissioner for Human Rights Tatiana Moskalkova on November 30 visited 119 Ukrainian POWs and mentioned they have been being held in statuses that correspond to global requirements.  

“Many of them reported that they were allowed to call their relatives by phone by the competent Russian authorities,” Moskalkova mentioned in a observation revealed a while upcoming Tkachenko were given the video name from her husband.

Moskalkova mentioned that preparations are being made along with her Ukrainian counterpart to permit for mutual visits.

The World Committee of the Crimson Move visits POWs on either side of the entrance — to this point ocular 2,300 of them — however Russia hasn’t totally opened its amenities to outdoor inspection and the ICRC is institutionally restricted in its skill to criticize international locations out of concern that its get admission to can be snip off.

“We are painfully aware that there are POWs that we still have not visited, and this is why we are constantly working towards improving our access to the places where they are held. We have also delivered more than 3,800 personal messages between POWs and their loved ones, on top of facilitating the exchanges of over 9,300 letters from and to prisoners of war,” mentioned Achille Després, the ICRC spokesperson in Ukraine.

He refused to show any details about the particular statuses by which POWs are held.

“Our goal is to work directly with the detaining authorities, to influence towards the concrete improvement of the interment conditions and remind the relevant states of their legal obligations, notably that POWs must at all times be treated humanely and their rights upheld, as well as their integrity, dignity and privacy respected,” he mentioned.

Hoping for leave

With weighty prisoner exchanges frozen, the one approach captured infantrymen can construct it again to their very own aspect is in casual battlefield swaps between commanders.

“Unfortunately, such sporadic exchanges cannot replace the ones at the state level,” Yatsenko mentioned.

In his information convention, Zelenskyy mentioned he hopes to peer a metamorphosis of coverage that can permit for a resumption of prisoner exchanges.

“We are now working to bring back a fairly decent number of our guys. God willing, we will succeed,” he mentioned.

Ukraine hopes to jar the Kremlin into restarting swaps due to the rising choice of Russian POWs it’s keeping.

“As soon as we accumulate, if you’ll forgive me the language, the appropriate stockpile of enemy resources, we exchange them for our Ukrainian defenders … I really hope that our pathway will soon be activated,” Zelenskyy mentioned.


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