10 instances animals did bizarre issues in 2023

Animals can ceaselessly be unpredictable and miracle us with their ordinary habits, however some newsworthy critters pull this even additional, departure scientists and the nation utterly baffled.

Date the bizarre behaviors in this record are a testomony to the complicated brains of our bushy, finned and fork-tongued buddies, there’s additionally a darker aspect to a few of these acts. People persevered to disrupt and wreck the flora and fauna in 2023, hanging many animals below drive and inflicting some to behave in bizarre techniques. Listed below are 10 of the strangest animal behaviors documented in 2023.

Kangaroo tries to drown canine

Kangaroos understand puppy canines as a warning as a result of they intently resemble dingoes, one in every of their local predators. (Symbol credit score: John and Tristia Lakey/Lakey Farm)

In October, a person captured a video of a kangaroo because it attempted to drown his canine. Mick Moloney needed to rescue his canine Hutchy from the Murray River in Victoria, Australia, nearest a male japanese grey kangaroo (Macropus giganteus) held Hutchy’s head underwater. Moloney were given Hutchy to protection however took a punch from the kangaroo for his efforts.


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