‘We had been very stunned’: Magma beneath Reykjanes Peninsula on a tight schedule into Grindavík dike at a surprisingly speedy charge

Magma flowed into the dike underneath Grindavík at an extraordinary charge of 261,000 cubic toes in line with 2d (7,400 cubic meters in line with 2d) earlier than the volcano first erupted in Iceland’s Reykjanes Peninsula, in keeping with a untouched learn about.

“We were very surprised,” manage creator Freysteinn Sigmundsson, a geophysicist on the College of Iceland, informed Are living Science in an e mail. All the way through the 3 earlier eruptions within the area that took playground between 2021 and 2023, magma tide into the dike used to be estimated to be lower than 3,500 cubic toes in line with 2d (100 cubic m in line with 2d). “For the Grindavík dike it was almost 100 times higher,” Sigmundsson mentioned.


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