A COE security guard is arrested for ejaculating into his colleagues’ water bottles

La complaint against the security guard Spanish Olympic Committee It occurred on June 9 thanks to the recordings of the security cameras, to which the security did not have access, and he could be accused of a crime against moral authority and sexual assault. It all started in the month of January when those affected already began to raise suspicions, but at first the intention was to check who had stolen certain objects in some offices. The surprise came when the images discovered something else: that a night shift guard masturbated in his and her workplace. I ejaculated inside two bottlescorresponding to two employees of the Committee, located on Arequipa Street, in the Hortaleza district.

The detainee is a Romanian citizen born in 1955 with no criminal record. The victims are Spanish citizens born in 1985 and 2002, who told the agents that since November someone had been moving their bottles and that on occasions they had noticed a strange taste and smell in the water.

The detainee stated that he acted this way because his companions “They made his life impossible” to his wife, who also worked at the center, something that the victims denied, investigation sources have indicated. This individual has been fired and provisionally disqualified from performing security duties.


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