A single man gets angry after his date’s lack of sincerity: “This hottie has a lot of liquor to give”

Uone more night, Carlos Sobera and the team of ‘First Dates‘ have received on the Cuatro dating show the single men and women who went to the most famous restaurant on national television to look for a second chance at love. Yoramand Fran were two of the protagonists of this Tuesday’s episode, June 11, in a date that had a last minute script twist.

Fran is a man alegre who feels that he rosa It is the color that represents you the most. She loves to dance, especially in heelssince he says that it is something that “empowers“. He says he does not have a prototype of an ideal man, but if given the choice, he prefers “a hunk“. Dance is the driving force of his lifeso sharing it with your partner would be one of your wishes, although your only requirements are that they have a positive vibe and that they be Open-minded.

His date tonight was Yoram, a Frenchman living in Barcelonaa city that says it has given more freedom. The bachelor admitted that when he lived in France he tried keep your relationships with men more secretive, something that changed radically when he arrived in Spain, where he openly embraced his true sexuality. As soon as I saw Fran, Yoram he didn’t like his style at allalthough he acknowledged that he looked good on the bachelor.

Fran: “If you want to be free, forget the labels”

Once seated at the table, they both began to talk about their lives. It was there that Yoram told Fran about her life in France, as they began to talk about their hobbies and interests. Fran wanted to know how Yoram saw his nails, since it was something important to him, although the bachelor admitted that it was not something he liked: “No, but they don’t bother me, it’s consistent with your look“, responded the Frenchman, and then stated that she was not attracted to femininity in a man.

A single man gets angry after his date's insincerity:

Despite these differences, everything seemed to indicate that chemistry could have arisen between the twobut the appointment began to be cut short from the moment the music began to play and Fran decided to dance in her heelssomething that did not please a Yoram who commented that Wouldn’t you like your date to be in heels?. Despite this, in the reserved room, both signed a passionate kiss which seemed to indicate a happy ending that, in reality, did not happen.

A single man gets angry after his date's insincerity:

Because, although Fran was convinced that the spark of love had indeed arisen, Yoram was not so clear, stating that he had had a great time, but that his dinner companion It was too feminine for him.. In fact, the Frenchman said that Fran had seemed “attractive“, but what It wasn’t for him. For this reason, Fran suggested that he should forget about labels if he wanted to be freeand then blame him for his little sincerity and even reject a friendship: “This hottie has a lot of liquor to give“he concluded.


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