ACB Liga Endesa: Unicaja breaks the worst Bara

Colosal match of Unicaja that certifies a carat victory and expands its trail of triumphs by signing the twelfth consecutive victory in the Endesa League. Historical and absolute record in the entity of Los Guindos. Despite suffering in the first moments of the game, Ibon Navarro’s team played basketball at the highest level. Will Thomas (16 points and 24 rating) offered a clinic in the low post, but was well supported by Dylan Osetkowski (15 points and 19 rating), Cameron Taylor (12 points and 16 rating), Kalinoski (12 points and 14 of valuation

Perry, defended by Laprovittola.ACB PHOTO

High initial tension and little success. Two minutes without seeing points from Unicaja and Barcelona. Osetkowski scored the first basket with 7:30 left. Bara soon responded with a triple from Laprovittola and with good circulation (5-7). It was the first advantage for Roger Grimau’s men. Good decisions in the direction of the game by Nico Laprovittola, the Catalans’ main brain. The visitors stretched the lead (5-10).

Unicaja wanted to react and put a harder version on the court with Alberto or Ejim. It was time to defend. A good triple by Osetkowski lifted Carpena (8-10). Carter brought the Malagueos closer again with a triple, but Parra responded instantly (11-16). The long distance festival continued. Osetkowski and Parra offered a nice duel. A Carter dunk after a steal shook up the match (19-19). Ibon Navarro’s men did not find solutions and the Catalans scored a good final quarter of 0-7, coming away slightly (19-26). A mirage.

Alberto Daz led the quarter for the Malaga team with a good triple (22-26). Willy responded in the paint, but Cameron Taylor found his outside shot (25-28). New winds in the Carpena. The atmosphere conveyed the atmosphere of comeback. That’s how it was. A good mate from Sima forced Roger Grimau’s team to call a timeout and they had an important loss (27-28). Two free throws from Sima gave the first advantage to the Malaga team, who extended the score with a good basket from Perry after a steal and a clip from Will Thomas. in the low post (35-30). Despite Brizuela’s triple, the fourth was from Malaga. Basket and additional free throw by Taylor and front three-pointer by Will Thomas. Crazy. Yellow alert for Roger Grimau’s men (41-33). Unicaja smelled blood and did not take their foot off the accelerator despite the ‘hot’ moment at the end of the quarter between Perry and Laprovittola (48-37).

Da Silva tries to steal.

Da Silva tries to steal.EFE

Ibon’s plan works and destroys Grimau’s

Unicaja came out hard at the beginning of the third quarter. Barcelona demanded something more on both sides of the court, but Ibon Navarro’s men kept the game where they wanted. Taylor and Osetkowski see hoop. The two took on responsibilities while Grimau, desperate and seen as technical, clung to Laprovittola and Parker. Unsuccessful (55-41). A triple by Carter put the maximum for Unicaja (58-43). Bara’s reaction with a good partial of 2-8. Kalinic left the Palau team below ten (60-51). Osetkowski did not want complications and from a long distance he saw the hoop, Willy woke up and did damage in the paint (65-55). Ibon Navarro had to stop the visitor’s reaction. Timeout and new game after Kalinic’s triple (65-58). Unicaja put up with the guy and left with a good income (69-60).

Ten minutes and everything to decide. There the Kalinoski factor appeared. A triple from the guard turned Carpena on again. Grimau called a timeout and Unicaja, who started the last period with a great offensive action, grew on the back of the former Breogn. In addition, those from Ibon Navarro improved at the back where they increased their performance. Three consecutive steals from Sima. Another of the secondary ‘actors’. A transition layup by Kalinoski and a basket from the perimeter gave him half the game (76-62). Will Thomas scored a three-pointer at the possession horn and the game was definitively broken (80-62). Kalinoski made an appearance again and Kalinic wanted to leave his team alive (83-67). Barcelona tried without success and the victory was already green and purple. Procedure completed and final makeup for a historic night at the Carpena. The twelfth consecutive victory for Ibon Navarro’s team. End of the year with party and basketball. A lot. Absolute review (91-71).


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