Alfonso Arús, without mercy against Isabel Pantoja: “It is torture to spend half an hour listening”

Isabel Pantoja She is far from family controversies and any debate about her on television and that is why she continues to enjoy each concert and new project that arises in her career in the music industry. However, not everyone seems to like the rhythms of her songs and one of them is, without a doubt, Alfonso Arúswho has not been able to suppress his feelings live.

The morning show of La Sexta, ‘Aruser@s’ wanted to carry out this Monday, June 3, a review of Isabel Pantoja’s last concert in the city of Mérida. “It became a true roman goddess honoring the theater in which he performed,” detailed collaborator Tatiana Arús, who described the place as “very beautiful.”

The ‘darts’ of Alfonso Arús to Isabel Pantoja

At that moment, Alfonso Arús, the main presenter, intervened in the program and complained about Tatiana Arús’s work when preparing the summary of the concert. “We have a little problem because Tatiana is very careful when it comes to taking the cuts from Isabel Pantoja’s concerts,” she expressed.

“It is torture to spend half an hour listening to the concert,” he added, in a most surprising phrase about Isabel Pantoja and her music. For her part, Tatiana Arús has been very clear: “And you are arriving now, but I start at home around 3:15 in the morning and then I continue around 4:30 or 5 hours.

“As you fragment, there comes a moment that saturates,” joked Alfonso Arús, who encountered his daughter’s reply in the form of justification: “Do you know what happens? That she is doing her monologues, but with the orchestra, that keeps playing, and sometimes it’s hard for me to tune my ears to listen well to what he says.” “But you have to put yourself in the shoes of the Aruser@s workers, who are not to blame,” the presenter stated as a joke.


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