Alpine A290: the Renault 5 brings out its electrical genius

Lor we had seen born as a prototype (con Esteban Ocon y Pierre Gasly behind the wheel) and We were able to drive it this winter in its final tuning phase, still camouflaged. But Alpine You have already found the ideal moment to show your A290: the eve of his return to the queen category of the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

MARCA, just as he was in those two events, could not miss the introduction of the small gala electric pump. There, sponsored by the Hypercar drivers (among them none other than Mick Schuamcher) revealed what was missing about the Alpine A290: its final appearance and its Technical specifications.


A Renault 5 with more spice

The A290 is logically based on the Renault 5. But while the rhombus variant emphasizes design, customization and economy of use, the decline of Alpine bet everything on sportsmanship and the performance.

Something that is obvious as soon as you see it. Four headlightswith the X-shaped light signature as was the case with the model from which it is inspired: the A110. And not only in the classic of the 60s and 70s, but also in the modern one, which he tries to imitate in what is its great virtue: the driving sensations.

Because the Alpine A290 intends transfer to an electric car feeling at the wheel of the very light two-seater combustion engine. It will be difficult, but the Alpine engineers, with its CEO, Philippe Krief, at the helmthey have worked conscientiously to, at least, get as close as possible.


To do this, they have used the plataforma AmpR Small -specific for electric cars- as a base, and they have provided it with wider tracks (and tires)hydraulic stops for the suspension, specific stabilizers and a multi-link rear axle as the most prominent elements. He weight has been reduced as much as possible, but even so the A290 is almost one and a half tons.

The benefits are promising, with 6.4 seconds for 0-100 in the most powerful version and, yes, a maximum speed limited to 170 km/h to preserve battery life.

Modo Overtake

But Alpine A290 He doesn’t just look at the past. He also does it towards future with some nods to those who should be its main potential buyers: the most youths. Perhaps that is why the interior is inspired by video games when, for example, creating a steering wheel with new functions.


One of the most notable is the Overtake button (overtaking) that is clearly visible, in color rojoand when pressed it deploys full power and torque of the electric motor for 10 seconds. And gadget with which fans of F1For example, you can get an idea of ​​what the Override Manual that the cars will have in 2026.

Furthermore, the animations that accompany this element, together with others that will be displayed when activating the Launch Control or with the four instrument panel views (Iconic, Navigation, ADAS o Minimal) will give you a futuristic touch to the entire multimedia part.

Two powers, one battery, four finishes

The gama they will compose it two engine variants electric, with 180 and 220 horses (remember that the Renault 5 reaches a maximum of 150), powered by the same 52 kWh battery (with autonomy to 380 kilometers) and combined with four finishes: GT (on), GT Premium (the most elegant), GT Performance (sportier and already with 220 HP) and the GTS top of the range.

everyone will have 19″ wheels as standard (roads on tires Specific Michelins for this model), heated sports seats, heat pump, headlights full LEDsteering wheel partially upholstered in nappa, integrated Google services (including maps), front and rear parking sensors and reversing camera. The recharge powers that supports are the same in all versions: 100 kW in fast charging and 11 in the domestic.


Superior finishes add more luxurious materialslike Napa for the interior in the GT Premiumsports details such as brake calipers in blue for the GT Premium and in red for the GT Performancea Devalet audio system, artificial sounds, a heated steering wheel and even telemetry functions on the multimedia equipment (which always has a 10.25 instrument panel and one 10″ main screen).

Additionally, there will be a limited series of 1,955 units launch, called Premiere Editionwhich will offer exclusive colors, more equipment, specific decoration (including a numbered plate). The mystery that still remains to be revealed: their prices (which will not be low, of course, although the first reference that Alpine gives us speaks of a ‘from’ of 38,000 euros).


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