Ana Peleteiro denounces racist insults on social networks for defending the national team’s new uniform

Aalready furrier He is not used to keeping quiet and his figure is one of the preferred targets for the elements. racists that persist in our society. Now, on the verge of his participation with the Spanish selection in the Europeans of Rome, He has raised his voice again due to the comments he receives on social networks.

Racism does not need reasons to manifest itself but it takes advantage any occasion to spread their insidiousness. In this case, they were the triple jumper’s comments regarding to the new uniform of the Spanish team Of athletics. As is known, his presentation aroused controversy because his tone, too orange For some, it broke with the red color tradition of the Spanish team. Ana herself was ironic about it: “Now I’m Dutch and I didn’t know it?” he said in his first impression of the kit.

However, the Galician athlete has changed my mind or at least he has resigned himself and in several publications he has pointed out that well, the color it won’t be red, but Joma’s equipment is elegant. Among the comments received on the matter there is no shortage of racists or xenophobes who reject the Spanishness of an athlete who has been achieving successes for our country since his junior age.

“Many of those who insult will listen to the Spanish anthem thanks to our successes.”

Ana Peleteiro athlete

“Since yesterday, when I started creating content with the clothes of my country, SPAIN, I am receiving icountless racist comments on social media. There have been many that I have been deleting and blocking, but of course they continue to leave messages of hate and contempt every time I upload any type of video with the clothes of my selection,” Ana declares on Instagram.

“It makes me very angry and helpless, but above all PAIN, that these types of people continue to exist today and that they also These types of comments continue to be allowed on social networkswithout any type of retaliation,” he continued. Indeed, it is rare for social networks to penalize racist comments.

“Today my heart hurts a little, but I know that these emotions I will turn them into strength so that all those who mock or challenge our nationality, put their hand on their chest when listening to the anthem of Spain thanks to our successes”, concluded.

Certainly, racism is a social scourge. Surely the derogatory ones with Peleteiro They contribute much less to our society than she does.but social networks: they give a voice to everyone, even those who They don’t deserve it.


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