Another departure at Barça: Xavi Budó resigns

Catalonia Radio reported this Monday that Xavier BudoSports Director of the Barcelona, He has resigned. The professional presented his resignation last Thursday and now the final agreement remains to be reached to completely separate himself from the Catalan institution.

According to the Catalan station, the decision of budo It has not surprised within the entity since it did not agree with the way the club operates in some aspects. Furthermore, he felt limited in his management and decision-making capacity.

budo arrived at Barcelona by the hand of John Laporta and with the aim of leading the area of ​​excellence of the Barcelona entity. One of the departments where he wanted to implement improvements was The Masia but he did not achieve the support of the institution.

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The farewell of the Sports Director of the Barcelona joins the many professionals who have left the institution under the mandate of Joan Laporta: Mateu Alemany, Guillem Graell, Ferran Reverter, Llauradó, Folguera, Àlex Barbany, Juan Manuel Tabero, José Elías, Meléndez, Romeu, Jordi Cruyff, Ramon Planes, Markel Zubizarreta….


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