Aurah refuses to read a letter from Jesse: “I’m very hungry”

Aurah Ruiz She is one of the contestants who is playing the most in ‘Survivientes 2024’ and, in the latest installment of Telecinco, she demonstrated it again. In ‘No Man’s Land’, with Carlos Soberathe Canarian woman had the opportunity to obtain a delicious food reward or read a letter written by her husband, the soccer player Jesé Rodríguez.

After crossing the bridge of emotions and opening up on the live channel, Aurah was going to have the option to choose: an XXL cheeseburger with fries or the letter of Jesse. To the surprise of many, including Laura Madrueño herself, the Canarian woman did not want to know what the father of her son had written to her.

The truth is that Aurah needed several minutes to think and choose well, since she began to cry and was not clear about the option, although ended up opting for the hamburger and she explained on camera the reason why she was doing it so that no one could think that there was any kind of problem with her husband. “Baby, I’m so hungry. I love you and I just want to get out of here to hug you and be with youbut I’m very hungry, forgive me,” explained Aurah Ruiz in ‘No Man’s Land’.

Aurah’s emotion when remembering her son

It was not the only emotional moment of the Canarian in the program, and it was already during the long weekend of emotions He was able to make everyone cry when referring to his son and the illness for which they have spent long periods in the hospital.

“What has hurt me the most in my life is being a mother. Being a mother and not being one as I really should have been. Spending a year in a hospital seeing very strong things about my first and only son. “It’s the biggest pain I’ve ever felt in my entire life,” Aurah Ruiz admitted through tears.

Finally, she sent a reflection with which she intended to encourage all mothers who, like her, go through a complicated situation with their children: “I want them to know that we have to fight, Even if you don’t see the light, keep going day after day supporting your child“.


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