Barça’s long road to reach the 1:1 rule

Ehe objective that Barcelona has been pursuing for two years is to return to the 1:1 rule for signings. That is, you can invest every euro you free up through capital gains from the sale of players or savings in chips. At this time, being overextended, he cannot do so. It has limitations in both concepts, 35% in the first and 50% in the chips, if it is a franchise player and even more so if it is a ‘normal’ player. But in addition, there is the LaLiga penalty for Libero’s default which makes signing even more difficult because it forces you to subtract 60 million from all the money you can get from saving chips and sales gains.

What should Barça do to sign normally? Despite the president’s words saying that they hope to soon be in the 1:1 rule, the reality is much more complex and concepts should not be confused as is being done in some media. Because one thing is How do you get to the 1:1 rule? and another how the club is freed from the non-payment of 60 million that it has at this moment.


End with exceeded condition

To reach the 1:1 rule the club must stop being exceeded. And that is achieved in two ways. One of them is the one previously mentioned by save chips and sell to players until the ratio balances. A dangerous formula because it weakens the staff by reducing its strength and because the reinforcements will never be of the quality of those sold because it can only invest a percentage of what is obtained from sales.

The second way is increase income and reduce expenses. If the club managed, for example, the contract with Nike and paid a bonus of 100 million for ‘signing bonus’ This would considerably increase the income chapter and there would be more room for the wage bill since the Cost Limit of the Sports Squad would increase. It would be the second way to stop being excessive.


Libero’s blockade

But then there is LaLiga’s blockade due to Libero’s non-payment, which has nothing to do with reaching the 1:1 rule. Laporta has to get that An investor pays that amount for the sale of a percentage from Barça Studios. And this penalty is very powerful because it is applied after the benefit obtained from saving chips and capital gains. And it is an amount that leaves Barcelona practically immobilized.

The danger of blockade

For example, if Barcelona sold Frenkie de Jong for 80 million would obtain 22 of capital gains by applying the pending amortization and the 35% reduction for being exceeded. And to that money we would have to add 10 million, 50% of the next campaign’s money. That is, a total of 32 million. And that is when the blockade is applied due to Libero’s non-payment of 60 million. Result: Barça would be at -28 million. I couldn’t bring anyone.


Get an investor

And this blockage will only be removed if Barcelona gets an investor to contribute the sales concept of Barça Studios that money or part of it. Because if you contributed 40, 20 would be missing and only this amount would be applied as a block. In the aforementioned case of De Jong, at 32 20 would be taken away and then Barcelona could invest 12 million in a player.

It is important to say that Barcelona You have time until the end of the market to contribute this money, as well as reduce the wage bill, and when it does so the new conditions will apply. Therefore, the club will not sign soon as it will wait for the conditions to do so to be the best possible.


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