Barcelona star gets sizeable La Liga tattoo on left leg over Christmas break

Barcelona star Raphinha has been subject to mixed reactions of late at Montjuic. The Brazilian has come in for heavy criticism, and after being whistled at points for his play, his goal against Almeria was followed by a hands in ears celebration. After his latest tattoo though, it is hard to debate his dedication to the club.

Reportedly Raphinha has been feeling harshly treated by the fans and the press, believing that his numbers more than justify his place in the side. Yet his inability to take the right decisions or be clinical with the chances he has have earned him detractors.

Sporting Director Deco and President Joan Laporta are in his corner, meaning his place at the club is perhaps more safe than that of others, but the latest is that they may consider offers for him. That is what he will be hoping anyway. Raphinha has made used of the Christmas break to get a large tattoo on his left thigh of the La Liga trophy, commemorating Barcelona’s title victory last season. During the same session, posted by the artist, Raphinha also had the eyes of his partner tattooed on his bicep.


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