Blanca Fernández Ochoa’s sister’s confession about her suicide: “It was tremendous and I was ashamed”

EAugust 24, 2019 was the last day that former Olympic athlete Blanca Fernández Ochoa was seen. Almost two weeks later, on September 4 of that year, His lifeless body was found near the top of La Peñota peak, in the mountains of Madrid.. The skier took her own life at the age of 56 and her death was a hard setback for her entire family.

All his relatives joined the search effort; However, 11 days after her disappearance, the last hopes of finding her alive ended. One of the most active was her sister, Lola, who accompanied the Police and Civil Guard to try to find Blanca.. Furthermore, today, his job is to raise awareness in society about an issue as important as mental health.

With the White Foundation, Lola has released a documentary about her sister’s death: ‘The Journey. The mental health medal. As a result of that tragic event, the film also reflects on suicide.

Lola: “Blanca was ashamed to admit that she had a mental health problem

In one of her recent conferences, Lola Fernández Ochoa has openly spoken about her sister’s suicide: “She decided to commit suicide. At first it was terrible and I was ashamed because we were such a united family…”. Lola has also acknowledged that she was very attentive to Blanca since she saw that she was not feeling well.

“Blanca was ashamed to admit that she had a mental health problem. She didn’t want to ask for help. I told her many times: ‘Blanca, let’s ask for help.’ She told me no, that she was ashamed. “She felt tiny,” Lola explained.

“It’s a drama that I still have a hard time talking about, about my sister’s health and how it ended. It’s very hard to talk about it. (…) I respected his decision and it is the only thing I regret now.if I hadn’t taken it by the ears,” he said.


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