Borja Villacís and his plan to change his life before being murdered

Borja Villacisthe little brother of Begoña Villacís (Citizens), was shot and killed on Tuesday. His past in ultra groups and being investigated by the National audience for drug trafficking, money laundering and membership in a criminal organization has appeared in all profiles since his tragic death in the M-612 road in El Pardo (Madrid).

Witnesses tell how the shooting that ended the life of Borja Villacís took place

Anyway, it seems that Borja Villacis He planned to change his life. That is, at least, what the journalist explained. Luis Fernando Durán in the program ‘Public mirror’from Antena 3. The collaborator has commented that Begoña’s brother intended to get the oppositions to be a metro driver. In fact, he was already signed up for an academy to do it.

His family was aware of his intentions. Borja, who thus intended to turn his life around and close murky chapters from the past. In any case, from the aforementioned program they have also indicated that both Begoña Villacís Like the rest of his family, they were worried about the Criminal activities of his little brother and they hoped that he would radically change his ways.

Image of the M-612 highway.EFE

There are no big mafias involved

The police claim that the murder of Villacís It does not correspond to a plot with large criminal groups involved. “We are talking about a small retail area criminal group. It is not a large international mafia, but violent common crime“, reflected the police inspector Serafin Giraldo.

Borja Villacis41 years old, was murdered around 12:30 p.m. on the M-612 highway in Madrid due to several shots to the head and chest. Her sister, in a first reaction, has thanked the support received in the last few hours and has commented that she is with her parents to try to face this delicate situation.


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