Boxing: From returning for ayahuasca to being beaten: is it the end of Deontay Wilder?

Cwhen Deontay Wilder (43-3-1) explained the reasons that led him to fight before Joseph Parker, first, and then in the long-awaited duel with Anthony Joshua, later, There was a strange justification. But it was accepted, it is Wilder after all. “I took ayahuasca. I have been reborn, “It is one of the best experiences of my life,” explained the American. He returned to the ring. Among millions, expectation and gazes. But the story is known. Parker erased Wilder in Riyadh and everything was blown up.

Wilder and Parker, in action.LAPRESSE

I took ayahuasca, I was reborn

Deontay Wilder

The justification for that fight was a “eliminatory” to meet Joshua for a tremendous purse. “The fight was signed… now it doesn’t make sense,” said Eddie Hearn, Matchroom promoter. Wilder, after his defeat, was left aside. At 38 years old and after giving away several of the best recent moments in a ring. Joshua looks away. Hrgovic (seems the most normal), Zhang (no one dares to challenge him) or Fury (unrealizable, at the moment).

Wilder remains at another point. Inactivity, a physique that has deteriorated and without the ability to alter the plan. Before he could lose several rounds that would take the bombs out of him. That was no longer present. “I didn’t have the timing. I didn’t throw my punches. My hands didn’t enter as they should,” he reviewed the ‘Bronze Bomber’. A collection of errors and problems that would hinder anyone.

Wilder and Parker, in their fight.

Wilder and Parker, in their fight.LAPRESSE

But not Wilder, at the moment. There is no planned fight or logic on which to build, since the boxer demands big purses or important names. But it doesn’t mean he gives up. It is not its end. “It happens, sometimes. But you live to see another fight. You live to live another moment. I’m still very happy. I continue enjoying, smiling. We will be back. It’s the thing,” she confessed.

We will be back

Deontay Wilder

There will be no fight with Joshua. “I understand people if they are upset,” said the Englishman. But it is not the end of Wilder. “We will be back,” he repeated. Her Doomsday may well have come… but she wants to continue at the foot of the canyon. Who knows if ayahuasca will help you again.


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