Boxing: Saudi Arabia’s Final Judgment Evening begins with four TKOs

Cfour victories before no limitbut from the theoretical midpoint of the combats, they have opened the great evening ‘‘Judgment Day’ (The Reckoning Day) in Ryad (Arabia Saudi). The event constitutes another of the Saudi initiatives to become top-notch actor in the international sports scene, in principle at an organizational level.

The program began with the triumph of the Cuban Frank Snchez by technical KO in the seventh assault on Australian of Polynesian origin Junior Fa. The next two fights also ended before the limit but much more briefly: Filip Hrgovic Venci is the Mark de Mori (heavyweight) and Jai Obadiah a Ellis Zorro (cruise), both in the first round. Again in the fourth round Agit arrived Kabayel y Arslanbek Makhmudovalso in a heavyweight fight, with the victory of the first.

This event, which is held in Riyadh, captain of the Saudi kingdom, brings together many of the best fighters of the moment and has had the promoters Frank Warren and Eddie Hearn collaborate on it for the first time. Its star combats are the clashes between Anthony Joshua y Otto Walin, y Deontay Wilder with Joseph Parker, both heavyweights. Joshua and Wilder do not face each other, but they do have important rivals.

Combate 5: Daniel Dubois (16-0, 13 KO) – Jarrell Miller (26-0-1 22 KO)

Fight 4: Agit Kabayel (18-0, 17 KO) – Arslanbek Makhmudov (22-0, 15 KO), peso pesado.

In a duel of the undefeated, Kabayel completely dominated the fight, with a variety of blows and a very good reading of his very aggressive rival. Kabayel boxed with his legs, managed to stay off his opponent’s right and chipped away at his resistance with body blows. In the fourth round, a right hook to the chin and a body shot from Kabayel dropped Makhmudov for the first time. In that same ’round’ the fight ended. Technical KO in the fourth round.

Makhmudov cae ante Kabayel. DAZN’s photo

Combate 3: Jai Obetaia (23-0, 18KO) – Ellis Zorro (17-0, 7 KO). Crucero pesos.

Combat also very brief. After a brief exchange, a straight left from the Australian boxer makes his rival fall on his back. Fortunately the ropes cushioned his fall and saved him from a blow to the head that could have been dangerous.

Opeatia's decisive blow to Zorro. DAZN Photo.

Opeatia’s decisive blow to Zorro. DAZN Photo.

Fight 2: Filip Hrgovic (16-0, 13KO) – Mark de Mori (41-2-2, 36 KO). Heavy weight

Combat without story. Hrgovic quickly took over the center of the ring, managed to take advantage of his height advantage and knocked down the Australian twice, whose corner threw in the towel. Technical KO in the first round.

Hrgovic and De Mori: Photo: DAZN

Hrgovic and De Mori: Photo: DAZN

Fight 1: Frank Snchez (23-0, 16 KOs) – Junior Fa (20-2 11KOs). Heavy weight

The Cuban Sánchez and the Tongan Fa studied each other and managed to stay at a distance for five rounds. In him, a ‘jab’ from Sánchez gave him the advantage and although Fa struggled to stay in the fight, the Cuban’s superiority grew and in the next round a right hand from Sánchez put an end to the fight. Technical KO in the seventh round.


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