Concern in Colombia over Fredy Guarn’s condition: “I don’t know what could happen in my life”

IUnfortunately, Fredy Guarn’s life has had recent years full of personal problems and a decline in his sports career., coming to retire in an unexpected and controversial way. AND Before the Christmas celebration, he shared some videos on social networks that only lead to growing concern about what may happen.

After being permanently called up in the Colombian National Team, being a reference and captain in Inter Milanthe one born in Puerto Boyac began to make decisions that took him away from top-level football in 2016. He decided to go to China and in Shanghai Shenhua he had one of the highest salariesbut he moved away from the panorama of ‘the Tricolor’.

After good years in Chinese football, when ‘the bubble’ that was created in that league began to burst, he decided to leave his team and ended up at Vasco da Gama in Brazil in 2019. And during the COVID-19 pandemic, wanted fulfill the dream of playing for the team of which he is a fan, he arrived at Millonarios in 2021 and barely played half the seasonbecause personal situations led him to leave the club and he retired unexpectedly.

Did all of Guarn’s personal problems lead to his relegation in football?

In that transition from Italy to China, Guarón separated from his wife Andreina Fiallo and also stopped having contact with his children Daniel and Danna. But at the same time He began a relationship with the Colombian presenter Sara Uribe, with whom he lived in China and with whom they conceived little Jacobo..

However, She returned to Colombia at one point and details and conflicts began to be revealed that led them to separate.. Between comings and goings, ‘Guaro’ decided to approach Colombia and that is why he ended up in Brazil, thinking that he was going to regain contact with his ex-partner and his youngest son, but in Rio de Janeiro and During the pandemic everything got worse and the presenter returned to Colombia.

For 2021, The return to Colombia seemed like it would help Fredy regain contact with his children Daniel, Danna and Jacobo., at first it was like that and he was committed to finishing his career in the best way. But this did not last long and not only were the conflicts with his ex-partners known, there was also a painful episode with his family in Antioquia, even though he was arrested for a violent episode that occurred in April of that same year.

With a high level of alcohol, with bloody hands and destroying his parents’ house, the videos show how he was detained by the authorities and then taken to a medical center to be treated. Although later Versions of what happened became known, Guarn and Millonarios decided to terminate the contract and thus ended their career..

In recent years, Fredy Guarn ventured into several real estate businesses, men’s beauty centers, acquisition of horses and addition to being invited to Conmebol events. However, her new romantic relationship did not work either and, without much contact with her family and children, another personal conflict is now known.

Complaint by Fredy Guarn and concern about his words before Christmas 2023

On the evening of December 23, 2023, in the networks of the powerful player who left his mark in Porto, Inter Milan and Shanghai Shenhua, he appeared crying, in an apparent state of intoxication and very excited. The complaint that they did not let him enter his own house in Montera (Crdoba) points to his current partner, Pauleth Pastrana, and other members of his family:

I just want to say, before… I want to cover or feel my personality. I’m in Montera again, like one day I decided, because I decided and they haven’t let me enter my house 4 or 5 times. The house that I bought, with my own money, they won’t let me enter, Paseo La Castellana

What he shared next was a feeling of disappointment and sadness about the situation: “A man is not treated like that, I take responsibility for what has to happen. I do not name names, but I simply tell you that a man is not treated like that. Because a man has been very good, no matter how much he has their mistakes”. It seems that this conflict had been going on for some time and he confessed: “I take responsibility for my mistakes, but disrespect is not like that… My mother-in-law, my daughter, her daughter, who are people that I love very much with all my heart, took me and gave me a ‘back blow’… “.

The most worrying thing occurred in a transmission that Guarón made on his Instagram profile, with words that lead one to think that he has not been able to overcome those problems from years ago:

Record this video because tomorrow I don’t know what may happen in my life. As I said a few days ago to my mom, my dad, my children: I’m tired of crowds, of people taking advantage of weaknesses.

And in another network transmission, it is seen that ‘Guaro’ is at the door of what would be his house and asks someone to give him his belongings: “Go and pick up my things, do me a favor…”.

Unfortunately, this exponent of a golden generation of the Colombian National Team and who is a personal friend of Falcao García, James Rodríguez, Juan Fernando Quintero, David Ospina, among others, ended his career in bad shape and his personal life is not on the best path.


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