Craviotto, ambassador of the Chicago Bears, on Paris: “The goal is to go for gold”

The Spanish canoeist Saúl Craviotto, five-time Olympic medalist, stated this Friday that His goal for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games (July 26-August 11) is to win the gold medal. “You can’t go to the Olympic Games thinking about doing your best, you have to go all out,” he told EFE.

The 39-year-old canoeist will arrive in Paris with five Olympic medals on his shoulders: two golds, in Beijing and Rio de Janeiro, two silvers, in London and Tokyo, and a bronze, in Rio de Janeiro. In the French capital, will compete in the K4 modality in calm waters with Marcus Cooper Walz, Rodrigo Germade and Carlos Arévalo.

“I think we have all the ingredients: we have the best coach in the world and three incredible teammates. If we don’t achieve it, nothing happens, but let’s go for it,” he stressed.

The canoeist’s statements were made within the framework of his collaboration with the Chicago Bears American football team in Catalonia, in a sports awareness workshop aimed at children called ‘Mini Monsters Clinic’, and in the run-up to the Superbowl on February 11.

Saul Craviotto

During the day, he gave a sports awareness session along with former Chicago Bears player for 10 years Roberto Garzawith a career marked by his 14 seasons in the NFL.

Both athletes contributed their knowledge to more than 300 children who enjoyed a morning of sports and learned the importance of values ​​such as effort, perseverance and teamwork.

The important thing is that the little ones have fun. At this age they have to try many sports and exercise

Saúl Craviotto, five-time Olympic medalist

“The important thing is that the little ones have fun. At this age they have to try many sports – such as American football or canoeing – and that they exercise,” Craviotto said. “It is an honor to share this experience again with the Chicago Bears as an NFL lover that I am, since both the team and this sport share my sports values.

Saúl Craviotto and Roberto Garza

Saúl Craviotto and Roberto Garza

For his part, Roberto Garza, American football legend, former Chicago Bears player and international director of these sports campuses He assured that “as a former elite athlete it is an honor to return to Spain after the great reception last year and promote the NFL in this country, and above all on behalf of a team as great as the Chicago Bears. I love being able to enjoy and teach boys and girls the values ​​of American football and Flag Football, alongside such a high-level athlete like Saúl Craviotto and with whom I have shared some tricks.”


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