Cycling: Tom Dumoulin and his time on the almighty Jumbo: “I lost a part of myself”

Tom Dumoulin I hung up the bike ahead of schedule. Despite some attempt at a comeback, the Dutch winner of the Giro who would climb again into the Giro box (2 in 2018) and the Tour (2 in 2018) would abandon the pedal sport due to pressure in 2022. His last team was the Jumbo Visma, where it did not finish curdling.

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“There is nothing wrong with that team, because they are doing fantastic and they had everything together, even in my years. But I lost even more of that part that I needed, that autonomy. Not with bad intentions, because the team had the best for me, but I did lose it. I lost a part of myself, which made my marriage unhappy,” the Dutchman said in an interview for the renowned media ‘De Telegraaf’.

On the Tour, without desire

“I was there, I know what it was like, I don’t feel like seeing it again. You see me fighting. I don’t have to share that with the rest of the world,” he says about what happened in the 2020 Tour, whose episodes can also be reviewed in the documentary ‘Code Geel’.

Dumoulin’s story, with a happy ending despite the fact that he no longer competes on the bike, clearly shows once again the toughness of elite sport.


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