Del Bosque and Guti’s response when he suggested that he cut his hair

Vicente del Bosque, former coach of Real Madrid and the Spanish national teamis one of the most authoritative voices to speak of the past, present and future of the world of football. The champion coach of the Eighth and Ninth European Cup of the white club, in the World Cup with Spain in 2010 and Euro 2012 reviewed on the podcast Offsiders to analyze the best moments of that time… and what is to come.

Fernando Redondo was a complete player, he had the gift of command, leadership, perhaps he was not one with much touch, control and passing, which is also trained. We had this guy who dribbled in the midfield, and he was capable of doing it. And Makelele. They were players who had counted the passes they gave to Figo and Roberto Carlos, that was the ‘problem’“, he explained about a player of whom he has a special memory. And speaking of the former Argentine player, who has his son enjoying football at Leo Messi’s Inter Miamia funny anecdote came out about the long hair that Guti wore at that time.

Guti: “The current Real Madrid is a much better team than the Galacticos”elchiringuitotv

“Guti was very Fernando Redondo, Sometimes I caught him in the field above, in the sports city, and I told him ‘cut your hair a little’, but with great reason he told me ‘when you cut your mustache I’ll cut my hair’ and from then on I said ‘ There’s nothing more to speak of’“, commented the former coach with a laugh.

The Xabi Alonso-Busquets debate and his departure after Euro 2016

From Madrid they told us that Xabi Alonso had to play and from Catalonia that Busquets had to play. The press and people influenced by the press. That we had to play with a midfielder. Also within the squad, eh. But we thought that our core were the two midfielders and that alternation at the beginning of the game and at the end, they did it perfectly. They were two extraordinary team players, they played short and long, For us they were essential, one from Madrid and another from Barcelona. In this case the opinion was to play with both, that meant we couldn’t play with Cesc or Silva,” he explained about the team that led Spain to kiss glory in 2010.

Furthermore, another of the interesting topics that the former coach discussed was his departure from ‘La Roja’ after the failure at Euro 2016. “Before starting the European Championship in France we knew that we were going to leave, I told the president and he tried when we finished in France to come to my house and talk. That surely we should have done it before? Well possibly. Many told me that I should have left after the World Cup and we were European champions. We left at the time we thought we didn’t have to be. In 2016 I was already determined to stop training. We had the possibility of going to train somewhere but we didn’t want to. I had already experienced football with so much passion but on the field and in a tracksuit, the last time“, he said.


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