Doncic against an empire: the biggest challenge in the prodigy’s career

DSince he was a kid and started dribbling a ball while watching his father play and train, Luka Doncic has always achieved everything he set out to do in the world of basketball. And he has done it meteorically, always advancing deadlines. He learned quickly and had enormous innate talent. that did not go unnoticed by him Real Madridwho signed him as a child.

At 13 years old he won the Minicopa with the whites, with 16 debuted with the first team and his imprint grew, contributing to the conquest of three Leagues and two Cups. In between, he won Eurobasket 2017 with Slovenia being included in the ideal five of the tournament. And at just 19 he was crowned MVP of the ACB and won the Euroleague being nominated Tournament and Final Four MVP before leaving for the NBA.

Emergence in the NBA

In the mecca of basketball He showed from the first day he put on the Mavericks jersey that he was a special player, with a gift for playing this sport., a leader called to be one of the best players on the planet. He was named rookie of the year and his contribution and statistics grew exponentially, but Despite their efforts, their team could not dream of something big.. In just five years three playoff appearances and a presence in the Western final in 2022 before falling against the Warriors (4-1).

It was clear that Doncic’s excellence was not enough to take his team to higher levels. The Slovenian star needed to be more protected. The Mavs saw how Jalen Brunson it came out free to Knicks. They made an exchange to get Kyrie Irvingthey chose the young center in the draft Dereck Livelythey signed the forward Derrick Jones jr and in February in the winter market they mortgaged their future by carrying out two more exchanges to incorporate power forward PJ Washington and center Daniel Gafford into their squad in exchange for future draft picks. And those moves in the offices have turned Dallas into a strong contender for the title.

Los Mavericks can complete their metamorphosis from this morning (2:30 a.m., Mov+) in the final against Boston Celtics. Con Doncic in full maturity of his game, despite being only 25 years old, Irving ready to explode, and the defensive bonus they give PJ Washington and above all Gafford y Livelythey are ready to conquer the ring.

He’s going for the ring and for the MVP crown

The ex-Madridista, despite not being able to play at his highest level for almost the entire playoffs due to a sprained kneehas been the best player in the series for the title with averages of 28.8 points, 9.6 rebounds and 8.8 assists in the 17 games played. Doncic is going for the ring and for the crown of MVP and best player in the world.


Dallas returns to the finals 11 years later. In 2011 they faced the Miami Heat of LeBron Jameswho were very favorites, but ended up giving up against some Mavs who galloped on the back of Dirk Nowitzki. Just like then, Dallas appears in this final as scapegoat for the Celticsleaders of the regular League (64-18)intractable in playoffs (12-2) and with him best starting five in the NBA. But just like in 2011, the Mavs have a chance to win. Nowitzki is not there, but Doncic isan absolutely unstoppable player.

Boston will multiply aid to try to reduce the production of the former Madrid player. They are aware that the Mavs’ chances of getting closer to the ring They pass through the hands of their star. But Luka has already shown against great teams that He is capable of getting rid of any defenders who put him in front of him. to end up scoring, assisting his teammates or drawing fouls.

Celtics’ devastating starting five

Los Celtics They have a devastating starting quintet with Derrick White at the controls, escorted by a multipurpose Jrue Holiday and the universal plunger Jalen Brownand with Jason Tatumincluded in the best quintet of the season, and the veteran Al Horford in the paint. A team that bites in defense, flies in attack with many players capable of scoring, and who will also recover for this final to the Latvian giant Kristaps Porzingis, out since April 29 due to a muscle injury in his leg. Everything indicates that he is ready to reappear.


This season the path of the proud greens first to the lead and then in the playoffs until the final It has been rather placid. In the regular season they benefited from the injury of Giannis Antetokounmpo in the Bucks and of that of Joel Embiid in the Sixersteams that were going to be their main competitors.

And in the series for the title they were also favored by the injury of Tyrese Haliburtonstar of the Pacers. After walking before Heat (4-1), Cavs (4-1) y Pacers (4-0)the Mavs will be his toughest test yet.

Two deadly couples

The confrontation that will monopolize all the spotlights is the one that will be resolved the two best outdoor pairings in the NBA. Four players who make a difference on their own and have been outstanding in the playoffs. Doncic (28.8+9.6+8.8) and Irving (22.8+3.9+5.2) are the bread and salt of the Mavs. And the fearsome ‘Jays’, Tatum (26+10.4+5.9) and Brown (25+6.1+2.6) are lethal.


This season they have only met twice and the Celtics won both times. First in Dallas (110-119) pese a Doncic (33+18+14) and then en Boston (138-110), making another Luka exhibition sterile (37+12+11). The ‘Jays’ were the best of the greens, wielding great averages: Tatum (35,5+9,5) y Brown (29,5+5).

I’m excited to be able to play in my first final, it means a lot to me. I will try to give my best and lead the team to win the title

Luka Doncic (Mavericks Player)

Doncic faces the biggest challenge of his career: “I am excited to be able to play in my first final in my sixth season, it means a lot to me. “I will try to give my best and lead the team to win the title.”, he assures. “It is not easy. It has been a hard road, but we are here. We know the difficulty and the challenge of facing a historic team like the Celticswith players with a lot of quality and experience like Tatum y Brown“.

His rivals have him in high regard: “Luka is a player I have a lot of respect for, I’m excited to be able to face him. “We are prepared for the intensity that Doncic and Irving will bring,” he says. Tatum. His coach, Joe Mazulla was clearer: “There is no way to completely stop Doncic and Irving, two superstars. “We must do collective work and look at everything, not just what they can do.”


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