Edu Galán and the attack on Caravaca: “I would rather be a pig than a fascist”

LOn Monday night, some images of the attack of which the comedian was a victim went viral Jaime Caravaca during a performance at the venue Beer Station de Madrid. “This, because of the pedophile comments he made about my son. Tell me now my son’s comments. Rubbish! You said that my son was going to eat cocks when he was three months old. Rubbish! What now? Tell me! Tell me his face!” he snapped. Alberto Boxing after punching him. “Forgive me. I’m sorry, I apologize. I’m just a father who defends his children. He made sexualizing comments about my three-month-old son. And that has its consequences,” he excused himself, addressing the audience present in the venue before giving a tip. slap the comedian and leave the room.

The comedian Jaime Caravaca, attacked at a performance by an enraged father: “That has its consequences…”

In ‘Public mirror’ They spoke about the matter this Tuesday and Susanna Griso has discussed the issue with Edu Galancomedian and creator of ‘Mongolia’, a publication he abandoned three years ago. “First, explain to this man, to this Pugilato, that we do not live in the jungle, although I think he would like it, But we live in a rule of law, although I have the feeling that he would prefer to live in a dictatorship. And it amazes me that many people justify violence because of the bad taste, which I will now talk about, of the comedian. Violence is totally unjustifiable and even more so at the hands of someone who is against the rule of law“, he commented.

“I think I am one of the few who, because of my former work in ‘Mongolia’ I have gotten involved with many Nazis, because it happens to me like ‘Porco Rosso’, that Miyazaki character who said he would rather be a pig than a fascist. So, I have gotten involved a lot with Nazis, and you also have to know how to do that. That is to say, We know how the Nazis think and the violence they use and I think it is unskillful to involve families or three-month-old children because those tweets cannot be classified as comedy“Edu Galán continued.

“And lastly, the importance of context. If he made that comment in that bar for an adult audience with a comical tone, it would be something else, but on Twitter, especially for the physical integrity of the aforementioned, which has happened to me, Hogar Social Madrid, who are very Nazis, posted photos on my portal, For one’s physical integrity, I would recommend being a little more careful“continued the Asturian writer, screenwriter and cultural critic.

Edu Galán encourages Jaime Caravaca to denounce Alberto Pugilato

Jaime Caravaca has expressed his intention not to report his attacker, something with which Edu Galán does not agree. “I have entered a theater escorted by the police because of people like this man and I think I should report“, he has made it clear. “And then, furthermore, if we look closely, We see how the iconic nature of Will Smith’s slap to Chris Rock has been installed in certain minds, how it has been installed in the simplest heads that this can be done because Will Smith already did it. at the Oscar gala,” he concluded.


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