Euroleague: The player with the emoticons awaits Real Madrid

His tattoos that remember an event in life: a birth, a death, a sporting success, a trip… There are those that are signs of love: to the partner, to the children, to the parents, to the pets… Others They are portraits, landscapes, phrases, poems, songs, religious verses, Elvish, Arabic, Chinese letters… And then there are those of Mike Scott, ASVEL Villeurbanne player, who has filled his body with emoticons.

Grab your cell phone and look for one. It is likely that this forward of 2.01 meters and 35 years old have it tattooed. “About 85% of the ones I have are emojis”, he confesses. And in total he has a few. “I have stopped counting. “I know people hate it when you say that, but it’s true,” says Scott, who He didn’t get his first tattoo until his third year of college.. Since then she hasn’t wasted time painting her skin.

The emojis, according to the eaves, represent him: “I use a lot of emojis when I text. It’s me. People have been using them for a long time, but no one else did when I started. You can have a conversation simply using emojis and people will understand. In fact, I do it a lot. Sometimes they say what you can’t say. “They can express the words you can’t say about how you feel.”.

The first one that was made dates back to 2013after his first year in the NBA. “It was the angry orange face emoji. Then I became the purple devil”, account. A decade later he has almost the entire collection spread across his body.

The forward enjoys his first season in the Euroleague enrolled in ASVEL, which this Thursday faces Real Madrid. He has played 16 games in the ranks of the current bottom (2-14 balance) with stockings 10.4 points, 3.3 rebounds and 9.1 efficiency in 23 minutes. Scott joined the Lyon team last summer.

A possible sentence of 25 years in prison

left behind a solid nine-year career in the NBA, in which he played 555 games between the Hawks, the Wizards, the Clippers and the Sixers. In 2015 he was involved in an incident when he was arrested for possession of drugs (marijuana and MDMA) along with his brother Antonn. He faced 25 years in prisonbut in 2017 his case was dismissed when it was considered that there was racial discrimination by the police during the arrest.

That meant that, while the case was being resolved, it was difficult for him to find a team in the NBA, although he always found accommodation for finish his career there with averages of 6.7 points and 3.1 rebounds. In 2021, however, after his contract with the Sixers ended, no one called him. Not having been vaccinated against COVID didn’t help him either. He went a season without playing until last year when he received an offer from SLUC Nancy francs. He would also play in the Carolina Giants, in Puerto Rico. Now he shows off his emojis in the Euroleague and this Thursday he will face Real Madrid.


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