Frenkie de Jong: from slamming door to slamming door

Nnew market window open and again the name of Frenkie de Jong appears as transferable in the Barcelona. But, as on previous occasions, the Dutch midfielder made it clear to the Catalan club that he will not move. He has no intention of leaving the entity with which he has a contract until June 2026: if the Board of Jto Laporta wants to make money with a footballer, it should be with another, not with the international Orange.

Frenkie de Jong He is one of the most sought-after players, his valuation is around 70 million euros, and he has the largest market for the Azzuran squad, which is why almost every transfer period his name appears as a possible sale to lighten the battered coffers of the institution. But the midfielder feels happy in the Barcelona and he and his family are satisfied with the life they have in Barcelona. So he has no intention of moving, as he reiterated in the last few hours in an interview with Nos Sport, during his training camp with the Dutch national team.

I’m sure I’ll continue in it. BarçaI’m very happy

Frenkie de Jong

When the 27-year-old international was asked if he was going to continue his career in the Barça was blunt: “Yes, for sure. I am very happy in Barcelona with my family.” Furthermore, he knows that Hansi Flick,whom you have already met, count on him. “The meeting was good, after the Euro Cup We’ll see how it goes,” he said.

The meeting with Flick it was ok

Frenkie de Jong

Frenkie de Jong who is one of the players with the highest salary in the locker room, is concentrated with the team Ronald Koeman, although he continues to recover from right ankle injury which prevented him from playing a good part of the 23-24 season: he missed 20 games due to the pain in that joint. But since he arrived at Barcelonain the summer of 2019, has been an indisputable man in the Barça eleven.

Koeman: “You never have to sell your best players and Frenkie de Jong is that”


He BarçaIn addition, he asked him a few months ago a proposal to expand the link three more courses, until June 2029, which is practically at a standstill because contacts are not progressing. The Board and the Sports Management are waiting, although at least they already know that their intention this summer is not to move.


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