Great gesture by Falcao with a street vendor, but it has to be addressed to a critic: “I can’t control it”

MIt goes beyond considering whether he is the best player in the history of the country, if he is among the most important or if he is simply considered a great historical scorer of the Colombian National Team, Everyone agrees that Radamel Falcao García is a gentleman and his people skills are not in doubt.. And precisely, for a good work that went viral, he ended up being criticized and that is why he went out to confront the person who pointed it out.

Apart from having people in charge of managing your social networks and publications, Samario also takes the time to make his publications and on the afternoon of December 25 he was in charge of responding to a man who bothered him. for ensuring that he was exhibiting his good deeds to gain recognition. Obviously, with the respect that he commands, García indicated that he had never published on that topic and they were third parties.

The good work of Falcao García with a Venezuelan girl

It all started when Manuel Nez, a Venezuelan who is a creator of positive content and good works, showed that he bought all the merchandise from an 18-year-old girl who worked to pay for his studies. “I have to pay for school, I’m finishing fifth year”said the young woman, while the man known on social networks said: “Let’s make a deal, if I buy everything from you, you’ll go home, promise me?”.

Although she told Nez that she was only missing 8 dollars, he offered 100 dollars to pay her, The young woman began to cry because of the gesture of this man who wanted to give her money so that she would not continue working and could dedicate herself to studying.. The video was uploaded several days before Christmas.

Well Radamel Falcao He saw the video, contacted the man who helped the young woman and decided to contribute more money so that the young woman could not only pay her current bills, but also finance her studies for a time. This was not said by the footballer, nor by those around him, It was Manuel Nez himself who said it in a new video with the same beneficiary:

“I want to give you 1,000 dollars”, said the Venezuelan and then showed him the video that Falcao recorded to say that he had sent that money. But the video was talking to the young woman, it was not something public. These were the words of the ‘Tiger’:

Hello lisa. I’m Radamel Falcao, I want to tell you that I saw your video and I admire the way you strive to finish your studies. I’m teaming up with Manuel and we’re going to give you a surprise, I hope you like it and God bless you

Falcao’s solidarity and help was already fulfilled and was manifested with the delivery of the 1,000 dollars and the crying of the young woman. It seemed that everything was fine and that Nez’s video was proof that good things do happen to people who need it, especially because of the confession that the Venezuelan woman made about her current situation:

My mother is in Colombia, my mother is in Venezuela, it seems that I do not exist

Message that bothered Falcao and for which he came out to respond

Well On December 25, in the middle of the Christmas celebration, Colombian journalist Ricardo Henao shared a text on his ‘X’ account (old Twitter)focused on some recent publications and not thinking about Falcao and his good deed. “‘Do good and don’t look at who’, you don’t need to post it on social media either”it was read in the profile of the communicator from RCN Radio, Canal RCN and Win Sports.

And one of those ‘fake’ accounts, which do not have a photo or public name, shared the message and added the mention of the scorer who currently plays for Rayo Vallecano: “They’re talking to you, Falcao”.

And in response to this comment, which he felt as if it were a direct attack on his good faith and willingness to help, the forward aimed with everything, but maintaining respect. And he clarified that his works and actions of this type are not published by him, but he does not control what other people do:

If you see any publication on my social networks, send it to me, because I didn’t know about it. I cannot control what third parties do.

Those who know the soccer player born in Santa Marta know that he does not have these types of outings, but it is also understood that he responds when someone questions his good heart. That’s why There was a lot of support for Falcao García in the subsequent comments.


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