Heated discussion between PP and PSOE councilors in Cangas that ends with a possible attack

These are not calm days in the political landscape. Christmas, more than calming the waters and seeking conciliation between parties, has caused a rise in revolutions between politicians and parties. After the possible attack between Ortega Smith and Rubio in the plenary session of the Madrid city councilin Galicia they have been on the verge of reliving a similar episode after several reproaches for the situation of the sewage in Cangas.

The Popular Party councilor, once the plenary session was over, went to recriminate the action of his PSOE colleague and even touched his face lightly. Something that the left-wing bench has not liked at all, which has not quickly rebuked the popular, going so far as to repeat on countless occasions: “Be careful with that, be careful…”. Things have not gone any further, but both have spoken out on their own social networks after the incident.

“Intolerable physical and verbal aggression by the PP councilor, José Luis Gestido, to the socialist spokesperson, Iria Malvido, in the plenary session of Cangas. By the time of this man’s resignation, Alfonso Rueda and the Popular Party,” have written from the official account of the Spanish Socialist Workers Party of Pontevedra.

Heated discussion between PP and PSOE councilors in Cangas that ends with a possible attack

The deposition of sewage, the origin of the problem

According to La Voz de Galicia, the Popular Party appeared at the plenary session with the intention of presenting a motion of censure for the position of the PSOE and its coalition bloc on the issue of sewage disposal. After several verbal clashes and blaming each other for the situation that is being experienced in Cangas, the right-wing bench made the decision to leave the plenary session early. Something that the PSOE did not like at all and that ended with two of the councilors almost coming to blows and accusing each other.


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