“I found the Chimy agent’s statements regrettable”

Braulio Vzquez has made a winter market review this Friday morning at a press conference. The appearance focused especially on the departure of Chimy vila al Real Betiswhich has left the Navarrese are happy in terms of figures, but not in the forms. “I didn’t like it at all and I have told him in person that the agent should come out and make those statements, I have also told him in private.”

Chimy Vila in a match played at El Sadar against GranadaDANI FERNANDEZ

Braulio has assured that they moved the footballer’s name and managed to attract the interest from other clubs: “From the club we have moved well, situations have started to arise because we have searched for them“It was not good for us to focus on just one.” His words reveal the pressure that Chimy and his agents have exerted to get the player to join the Sevillian team.

Situations have arisen because we have looked for them

Braulio Vzquez

Osasuna has been completely transparent with the transfer figures. “I think we are the most transparent in Europe.” Betis pays 4 million fixed, 700,000 thousand in variables depending on matches and performance of the footballer and the 10% of the Ral García de Haro pass, valued at 1 million. The player and his agent have waived their percentage of the capital gain and have forgiven a portion of his salary to reach the 6 millions that kicks the navarro club.

I think we are the most transparent in Europe

Braulio Vzquez

In addition, it preserves the 20% of the capital gain of the player in case he is transferred to another team.

The Chimy cycle in Pamplona had ended

“If Chimy were still here In July I would be worth less money, on a mental level I was no longer here“Braulio was blunt regarding the player’s situation, although he also had words of gratitude for the Argentine for his career in Osasuna. Regarding his possible performance in his new club, he stated: “He’s going to score goals with Betis and he’s going to do it well for sure.”


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