Kanye West, sued for sexual harassment of his former assistant: “After doing it…”

Lformer personal assistant of the American rapper Kanye West has decided to sue him for sexual harassment and unjustified dismissal. Recently another former employee of Kanye also sued him for alleged racist attitudes, arguing that the artist treats his workers differently based on their skin color. Furthermore, he claims that the singer fired him for refusing to cut his dreadlocks, something he believes was not necessary when working as a security guard.

Is now Lauren Pisciotta who will bring him to justice. The former employee shared that she began working with the disgraced rapper in July 2021 as he was preparing to launch his Yeezy fashion line. To obtain their services He offered him 1 million dollars for the job. The only condition was that he would be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, which he agreed to.

At that time Lauren was also working on her profile. OnlyFansfor which she was making another million dollars in profits, until West, 46, asked her to delete her account in 2022. In exchange, he allegedly increased the model’s salary to 2 million dollars per year to compensate for lost income. However, she allegedly never adjusted his salary. Shortly after the rise he allegedly began sending her vulgar text messages.

“Look, my problem is that I feel like fucking, but after doing it I want a girl to fuck me.” say how hard you fuck them while I fuck them. “So I want him to cheat on me,” one of the text messages allegedly read, in addition to sharing photos and videos of West having sex with other women.

The former assistant said he allegedly locked them in a room together and masturbated next to her before falling asleep. She also claimed that he became angry after she rejected any advances to “date or have sex” with him.


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