Laura Escanes throws a dart at Risto Mejide again: “The devil is charging them”

Laura Scanes continues to achieve success in his career with both the third season of ‘Between the sky and the clouds’ as with the recording of the new season of ‘The Travessa’. The influencer is well known in our country and everything she says or does has media impact, which has caused her to become news again after launching a new pullita to her ex-husband, Risto Mejide.

Everything happened during a video published by Podimo in which the Catalan woman talks about various topics to her ‘self’ from the past. From the ‘hate‘, passing through the breakups (love and friendship) and going so far as to make a podcast with your partner.

We remember that Laura Escanes and Risto Mejide were the protagonists of ‘Honey, but what are you saying?’a podcast in which the couple, at that time, debated various topics in each of the chapters.

Lack of connection between Risto Mejide and Laura Escanes?

The devil carries them“said the influencer when asked what she thought about doing a podcast with your partner. “It’s interesting. A space for communication opens very big because in the end I think that in the routine, when you are in a relationship, you don’t spend an hour or almost two hours of conversation talking about a topic, to see what each person thinks about it,” he continued explaining.

“I wish everyone could have that space, like: ‘Come on, let’s dedicate an hour today to talk about traveling, how my partner sees travel, how I see it. Where we connect, where we don’t,’ Escanes argued before throw the dart at the publicist revealing: “Because maybe you realize there that you don’t connect that much… and I’ll leave it there“.


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