Macron assures that the Opening Ceremony of Paris 2024 can change due to security

And France is again affected by extremist attacks or a security crisis in the run-up to the 2024 Olympicsthe grand opening ceremony that Paris plans to hold on the banks of the Seine could be postponed, the French president said, Emmanuel Macron.

Macron’s words came in a television interview on France 5. Many details of the ceremony July 26 They remain secret to preserve the expected surprise factor. Security, which will involve tens of thousands of police and soldiers, will be tight: athletes will parade in boats through the Sena through the heart of the French capital in the first ever Summer Games opening ceremony to be held outside the Olympic stadium. Hundreds of thousands of spectators will fill both banks of the river.

We are preparing a ceremony that I hope will make the French proud

Emmanuel Macron, president of France

“We are preparing a unique inauguration ceremony that I hope will make the French proud,” Macron told France 5. “It will be a moment of beauty, of true art, a celebration of sport and our valueswith the Seine and the capital as theater,” he added. However, he said the plans could be revised for security reasons.

Macron recalled the extremist attacks that hit Paris in 2015 as an example of the kind of serious crisis that could force a rethink of plans. “You are 15 days away from the Olympic Games. There are a series of terrorist attacks. What are you doing? Well, you don’t organize (a ceremony) in the Seine.”said.

A panoramic view of the Seine, where the opening ceremony of Paris 2024 will take placeLaPresse

“Of course, as professionals, hay planes B, C, etc. You have to be prepared for anything. If there is an increase in international or regional tensions, if there are a series of attacks… this is a plan “B”, Macron stressed.


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