Marco Asensio and Sandra Garal separate after almost a year of marriage

Marco Asensio and Sandra Garal They have just issued a statement in which they confirm the rumors that had been making headlines in the media for days: the couple separates after a year of marriage.

The PSG player He asked Garal to marry him in 2022about three years after they met at a well-known Madrid nightclub where she worked while combining it with her architecture studies at the Polytechnic University of Madrid.

“I was preparing it for months – the marriage proposal – because I told him that they were going to film a documentary, that they were going to pay us and that they were going to film us at home depending on what things we did on a daily basis. On the last day, The last action I scheduled was a dinner. I controlled everything and I told them to tell us that we were going to see a trailer. In it I appeared making the proposal… yes, I am a romantic“, confessed the athlete in an interview with Radio MARCA.

Thus, the July 8, 2023 the couple said ‘I do’ at the Mallorcan mansion Sa Fortalesa and they celebrated with famous guests such as Rudy Fernández, Helen Lindes, Omar Montes and Fede Vico.

Now, a few days before their wedding anniversary, both have released a statement confirming what had been rumored for days: their breakup.

Breakup statement between Marco Asensio and Sandra Garal

“Good afternoon. I have always wanted to keep my private life away from the media and the public in general. However, and following the latest information that has been released regarding my life as a couple, I consider it good to speak in the first person for avoid speculation, fake news or half-truths. Very recently, and after some time of reflection, Sandra and I have mutually decided to end our marriage. They have been wonderful years and I want publicly thank Sandra for everything she experienced at his side. He will always have a place in my heart as a very special person, who has given me a lot and with whom I have had the pleasure of sharing an important time in my life. I appreciate that Respect our privacy with the affection with which you have always treated us, since these are moments to be able to live with maximum tranquility. A big hug to everyone”.


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