Marta Hazas and what she did when she was kicked out of the school choir: “As revenge I shit in the yard”

‘The Anthill’ The week has started with the visit of the actors Alex Gonzalez y Marta Hazaswhich have presented ‘From tomorrow’series that will reach Disney+ this Wednesday, June 12th. In this supernatural drama, a mother, after moving into her new house, discovers an unknown mineral that triggers her ability to see fragments of the future, including the death of her own daughter. With the help of a police officer who has lived a similar experience to hers, she will fight to change the future of her daughter.

Once Pablo Motos has welcomed and greeted the guests, Marta Hazas has been in charge of revealing the plot of ‘From Tomorrow’. “It is an eight-episode thriller that premieres on Disney+ the day after tomorrow and the premise is that my character is moving, which makes moving stressful, and in the pantry of his house there is a stone, a kind of material, that at the same time “touching him he sees his future. And he sees something very bad, the death of his daughter. And in all this procedure, Álex’s character intervenes, who is a police officer, and he is the only one who believes me because he has had this experience before,” he said. explained the actress. “He has not seen things from the future, but he has experienced it in his family,” she added.

The host of ‘El Hormiguero’ has pointed out that the series is a thriller but in which there is also science fiction and paranormal events. “Basically, I think it is like a thriller that is told from the past, present and future, but that has many more elements such as romance, humor, adventure, mystery… That is, many genres converge in a single project and I think it is what makes this series so special and that all audiences will like it,” said Álex González.

Marta Hazas – Pablo Motos – El HormigueroATRESMEDIA

Next, Pablo Motos asked the first guests of the week if they believe in paranormal events. “I am very skeptical, but it is also true that there are many things that we do not manage and I believe that everything that we do not manage, which today is called supernatural magic, little by little will have an explanation,” admitted Marta Hazas, which has led the presenter to affirm that he does believe. “I don’t believe in the supernatural, but rather that I don’t handle all my weapons well, but when I learn…”, added the Cantabrian interpreter.

Next, the producer of the Atresmedia entertainment space that is broadcast from Monday to Thursday on Antena 3 has asked them to tell him something about the future that they believe will happen. “The near future, this series is going to rock,” said Álex González. Pablo Motos, not getting any more response than that, asked them if they would like to know what day and at what time they are going to die. “No, I don’t want to know,” answered Marta Hazas. “No, me neither,” the Madrid native responded. “In this series, Marta’s character can see the future, but there is something that I like and that has a good message, which is that she changes her future. That is, that everyone is the owner of their destiny, that responsible for your future, that no matter how much they tell you that this is your future, it is in your hands to change it,” he continued. “You can change it but be careful about the trouble you get into along the way trying to change your future,” her co-star added.

Pablo Motos took the opportunity to question Marta Hazas about the time she visited a psychic to tell her the future. “Yes, I went once with my mother when I was little, but she didn’t guess anything. She started telling me that I had many siblings and I’m an only child, that I was clearly a very science person and I’m not a science person at all… Or I mean, everything I said was the opposite,” the 46-year-old actress recalled. Álex González also knows what it’s like to have your future told. “I like it. I don’t believe it 100%, but I do believe it 99%,” said the 43-year-old actor, unable to contain his laughter.

Alex González tells of the friction he had with Daniel Écija

After a break for advertising, Álex González said that his character had a mustache even though he did not want to wear it and the creator of the series forced him to wear it: “I didn’t see a mustache for the character and Daniel Écija, the creator of the series, who has a very good eye, five days before starting filming he told me to grow a mustache and I thought about growing it so he could see that I didn’t have a good mustache. And when we were about to start, there was no more time. to make a lot of changes, I told him I didn’t see it and he told me: ‘Well Álex, it’s my series. If you don’t want to wear a mustache, do your series.’ So in the end I listened to him, I left it and I think I did. “It suits my character very well.”

After watching the trailer ‘From Tomorrow’, Pablo Motos has revealed that the filming of the series took place in Bilbao and lasted four months. He has also reported that in his free time, while Marta Hazas preferred to go snacking, Álex González wanted to play sports. “We are a perfect tandem and we balance each other perfectly in this. So, I did an ‘afterwork’ with Denisse, the other actress, and some friends who were in production, with whom I would go for a snack and have a few wines afterwards. However, Álex led me on the right path and I joined the gym in Bilbao and now I have become addicted to Pilates with machines and I have maintained it in Madrid. So, I owe that to Álex and I love him in all. my projects to feel healthy,” said the interpreter born on December 31, 1977 in Santander.

Pablo Motos – El HormigueroATRESMEDIA

Marta Hazas has seven diopters in each eye, so she can’t see anything from a distance, as was confirmed in the gym. “I greeted anyone who had a mustache thinking that she was me,” said Álex González. “But it’s worse than that. I was up on an elliptical for a while and there were some stairs like the ones you see between the steps. And there was a guy who was going up with a mustache who was making signs to me that I thought he was saying like: ‘Hey, I listened to you, I came, I’m here.’ And suddenly I look and see that it was the one on the elliptical next door. But it didn’t happen to me once or twice, for four months it happened to me. quite a few times, so I met a lot of people at that gym,” he stressed.

The Santander native also got her co-star to go out on spikes. “Marta improved my social life,” Álex González said with a laugh. “They had a good rhythm,” said the interpreter born on August 13, 1980 in Madrid, who usually does not drink alcoholic beverages. Next, Pablo Motos asked him how long it had been since he had eaten a torrezno. “Two days. Of course, she became addicted to Pilates and I became addicted to spikes,” he said. “We found the perfect formula to go out on pintxos feeling super good,” said Marta Hazas.

The one from Requena has asked Marta Hazas to remember the time when she was expelled from the school choir when she was only 3 years old. “They told me to sing a song in kindergarten and I sang a protest song that my parents sang, who listened to Chiquetete, Ramoncín… So, they always hit me on the head to keep me quiet, until they kicked me out and as revenge I shit in the school yard. I literally shit and they took me to the school psychologist who said I was fine because I had done what I thought, what a shit for them,” he recalled.

Marta Hazas reveals her greatest trauma: “I’m scared”

Finally, Marta Hazas has confessed that when she stays in a hotel, there cannot be a chair attached to the bed. “I’m a scared person and sometimes I’ve even taken a shower with glasses on because I’m afraid of not seeing what could happen in the hotel room. So, a long time ago, I had read some stories in which the worse the protagonist behaved, the worse everything was. And if he left the clothes lying on the floor of his room, it took the form of a horrible lady who watched him while he slept and the furniture and objects in the places seemed to transform. So, from that, I have to turn the chairs. and I can’t have them looking at me because I think I’m going to open my eyes and see someone sitting there,” he explained to conclude the interview.

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